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Merry Christmas!


2, count'em 2 Matrix sequels coming out next year:)


Don't worry kids, I'll be back. Just been busy with work and holidays and such.


A really cool wind invention that pulverizes things into powder.

Compact flash memory card comparison. Whats amazing is that the IBM Microdrives are actual little hard drives!


Snowcraft. Play it!

Finally. Tesla wanted wireless power almost 100 years ago. Only his was across the world....none of these lame little pads you place down...I have an electric razor that can charge like this through induction. I was going to make it so my robots could charge this way actually. Wonder if they realize that if you just wire the houses like a giant transformer then if you have the things just in the room it can be charged by induction....I've actually set it up so I can listen to music this way...wrap a coil around your room, and then get another coil for a speaker, put the large coil to the audio output and the little coil on the input of the speaker and poof, induction radio!

DUDE! I'll use this for my bounty hunting!! "More powerful than a pistol, more compact than a submachine gun, able to pierce 20 layers of Kevlar with a single round."

Ouch...thats a going overboard slightly I'd say...

Another guy that makes me want to be a bounty hunter...

"Man With No Hands, Legs Charged In Beating Death" Crazy people!

"They thought they were stealing pit bulls. These guys are idiots."



Cool, this fridge cools with sound! Why don't they make something that cooks with sound too though?

Some crazy Iraq song.

Twas the night before Iraq


Which photos are real and which are fake?

Ball lightning, plasma weapons, vortex rings...this has it all!

Eek, giant monster jellyfish!


Rap snacks. Enough said.

Millions of spiders spun a 60 acre web. It was actually Spiderman, honest. Haha, "Or maybe it was an effort collectively by these spiders to try and catch a sheep."

The communist star returns. Now they just need to replace their new flag with the old hammer and sickle...way cooler looking than a bunch of stripes:)

New Ebay toolbar.

Instead of turkey for Thanksgiving, how about trying camel?

What does everything around the world think about America? This.

Sweet, new inflatable surfboard! Now I don't need a roof rack for the summer:)

Oh goody, a private mission to the moon to dump a bunch of greeting cards and other crap up there...sounds like a productive venture..way better than actually using the moon for something important like colonies or such...:-P


Muhaha, my plan to record my life on a hard drive is finally being realized. Now we need ear signals to be intercepted and I'm set.

Wanna live in a Hobbit Hole?

Anomalies Unlimited. Lots of crazy things there.



Cell Phone + PDA = Weee

11.21.2002 "We are the space robots and we're here to push humans down the stairs"

The "Kick the guy down the stairs" game. Haha, this is funny in a sick, insane sort of way:) My high score is 60780

Googlism. What does Google think of you? Your car? Your dog? Anything.

Cool, they want to make a new form of life:) Ooh, ooh, let me beat some of you to it, "They shouldn't do that". Why not? Besides, if we don't do it here, it'll be done somewhere else anyway. The more rules you place on technology, the slower it progresses here and the faster it progresses elsewhere. People that like their job and want to be happy doing it will find a way to do it. Not everyone in the world is motivated by money. If I wasn't allowed to make inventions/robots/crazy electronics here, I'd just do it in secret anyway. The funny thing I see about this story is this "To ensure safety, Smith and Venter said the cell will be deliberately hobbled to render it incapable of infecting people; it also will be strictly confined, and designed to die if it does manage to escape into the environment." Anyone ever see Mimic or even Jurassic Park? Nature finds a way;-)

"The oils in Cheez Whiz lubricate the skin and give you a remarkably smooth shave"

Math teachers say that their math books have illogical things like cars on roller coasters and grammar errors and they want them fixed. Our physics problems involved penguins and cats jumping onto random objects and we thought they were perfectly sane...

More gnomes in the news.

A mugger gets mugged back by a do-gooder.

Wow. Those illusions are insane, could make some of you go crazy, watch out;-)

Its a frickin laser.

Uhh...this is a joke right? There's no way they could track all purchases...could they?


Family of a 9 year old girl hit by a drunk driver beat the crap out of him.

I need one of these too. Its going to be the world's fastest computer, more powerful than the human mind. It will have at least 2 Petabytes of memory, which is 2,000,000 Gigabytes (I could fill it:-P) and complete 100 thousand billion calculations per second (100 teraflops). I bet I could still crash the thing though...

Ack, too many things to get. Heres a real life Dick Tracy type watch. Not enough memory for my tastes though. I want this. New Dell pda, good memory and speed for the price. I'm waiting for a review on it though. Then theres this awesome Media Center from Alienware. Lets you record Tv on it, burn DVDs, watch DVDs, etc. Only problem is its price, $2000 for the higher end one.


Robot Guard Dragon. Just wait till I get my giant Robotech suit and fly around blowing up planets;)

Photoshop contest: Make Michael Jackson look normal. Looks like it was a tough one:)

Mickey Mouse cave painting?

What's the smartest state?. I feel bad for New Mexico.

Atari in a controller. Hooks right up to the tv and has 10 games.


Pong: Now in radial form. In the beginning its real easy to cheat by just passing the ball to yourself really fast and missing it long as you were the last to hit it you get the point if he misses.

"One third of Britons believe that George W. Bush poses a greater threat to world peace than Saddam Hussein, according to a new poll." Ha, is it just me or have our presidents been a bunch of monkeys over the past couple of years? Ooh, wait, theres more. "The survey, commissioned for Channel 4 News on Thursday, also found that a similar number of Britons had no trust in President Bush whatsoever and almost half thought Prime Minister Tony Blair was behaving like his lapdog." Well, at least they are our ally. I'll give them that. They've been there for us more than any other country I can think of.

Lord of the very afraid...

Haha, a man with the same name as a Rolling Stone gets a letter from a lawyer to stop using his own name, Bill Wyman. See, the trouble is. The man that recieved the letter was born with the name in 1961. The Rolling Stone changed his name to Bill Wyman in 1963...

Maroon. Are you trying to ruin the rest of us playing the game and not going around stealing cars?

Can someone please explain what a counterfeit battery is and how it has a street value??

87 Gigabytes. Thats 87 movies, woohoo. I need one of those to store all my extra stuff. Somehow I've managed to fill up 130 Gigs of hard drive storage and about....100 cds of things. Would be more except I somehow killed my external 60 gig drive...probably should send that back under warranty soon.

Fastest. Chip. Ever. Still probably wouldn't account for the "Rob Factor", where I run a minimum of 10 browser Windows, 2 downloading programs, and burn a cd. All while watching a movie of course:-D I think I may need 4 parallel 30 Ghz processors with like 8 terabytes of ram and 4 monitors to keep myself occupied without having the computer blue screen 8 times.

Dang, talk about a flyby:)

Harry Potter 2 is online already. I'm checking to see if its real or not as we speak, although I still want to see it in the theater.

Word for the Day is fealty.

fealty \FEE-uhl-tee\, noun:
1. Fidelity to one's lord; the feudal obligation by which the tenant or vassal was bound to be faithful to his lord.
2. The oath by which this obligation was assumed.
3. Fidelity; allegiance; faithfulness.

Fealty comes from Old French fealté, from Latin fidelitas, "fidelity," from fidelis, "faithful," from fides, "faith," from fidere, "to trust."


New Army of Darkness game.

Super secret Spiderman 2 cast info. Yay Bruce Campbell as Lizard!!!

Update: Boo, no Bruce Campbell as Lizard:( I think he is still in it though...he better be.

Wee, ebooks. Now remember kids, some of these are still protected by copyright law, blah, blah, blah. The question is, if I have the hardcopy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in Italian, does that mean I can download the English version? Because I DO technically own the's just in a different language. This is one of the main problems with copyright/plagiarism I think. If someone takes a song in a different language and translates it and releases it as his that plagiarism? Because its not the same words, but it is the same idea. It even has Alice in Wonderland, which I think is one of the funniest books ever written...especially if you read it to your friends on a long car ride....and you read it with an English accent, pronouncing Dinah as Din-Nah instead of Die-Nah....not that I'd have experience with that or anything....

50 Places to Visit before you die. Thats a lot of places, need to take vacations every year or so at least.


New Game!

These are great. Various things that people may do in an argument, persuasion, etc.

Buy a periodic table of elements that includes all the elements, even radioactive ones:)

Funny Vice City review.

Video games raise IQ? Woohoo, I'm going to be a genius. *Goes back to playing Kingdom Hearts*

Memory game

Get a sky chart for your area.

Why the US should invade Canada. Fun stuff:)

Ouch. "The Complete Moron's Guide To Totaling a Mercedes In Under 8 Seconds"

Sound mirrors, with pictures and an updated model in planning.


History of anime:)

A quarter of a million troops? That's a lot of people.

You know those Lincoln/Kennedy coincidences? It turns out some are wrong.

What your coworkers call you behind your back


Insane. An amphibious motorcycle.


Ack, more squirrel attacks. The little buggers are relentless, they must have a vendetta against us for all the ones we kill on the road. Maybe if they didn't try to play chicken with something that weighs 2 tons and is made of metal....

Exploding razors? Which leads me to my next point. If you find personal hygiene products in McDonalds restrooms, or any restroom for that matter, leave it alone.

Ahhhh, evil squirrels! "Two-year-old Kelsi was attacked as she took a morning stroll with her mother. She stopped to admire the squirrel before it pounced on her face and sank its teeth into her forehead."

Cool, insane caldendar lets you choose ANY date and shows holidays.

Talk to Alice. She's a bot, see if you can get her to slip up.

Wee, bubonic plague.

Police in standoff with a dog

Woohoo, anime channel on tv!

Leonid meteor showers are supposed to be the best in 33 years this year. They start November 19th. Watch them with someone that cares about you.


Have a look see at some insane ASCII drawn cartoons. What some people do with there free time.

"Gamers will often say `I am God,' which was on the card,'' Walsh said."" Sooo freaking stupid. People that shoot people are screwed up in the head. Blaming it on video games is stupid. Blame it on the people that COMMIT the crime. Unless they want to imply that we ARE actually all mindless drones that listen to whatever is fed to us...

Holy crud(no pun intended) this pothole turned into a massive 70 foot sinkhole.

Sega + Nokia = crazy portable gaming system. Sounds like fun, heres a pic.


"NEWSPAPER STORY FROM THE YEAR 2004: ``A homeowner in Santa Rosa, Calif., was found shot to death in his kitchen Friday. Police said the man apparently was felled by 500 rounds of small-bore cannon fire, mostly in his ankles, indicating that this was the work of the gang of armed research cockroaches that escaped from a Berkeley lab. Police said the motive in the slaying was apparently a Ring Ding. In a related development, an escaped robot cockroach broke into an Oakland Wal-Mart and made off with an estimated 17,000 AA batteries.''"

Fling the cow

Wee, self healing tanks

"ROMEO and Juliet are being turned into garden gnomes for a new cartoon version of the play.
Disney's full-length movie about the world's most famous love story is to be renamed Juliet and Gnomeo.
Crazy fascists.

Stickfighting game

Coool, retro cds. Anyone got a spare $60,000??

More games.

Weee, java skiing

Me fifth element, supreme being. Me protect you.



Man this quiz has me pegged. Look below for rob's link to the quiz

You must be pretty peeved right now then, eh?

Space picture of Etna(the volcano in Italy) erupting. Really cool looking.

British army claims soldiers committed suicide. Even the one that was shot in the headtwice.

"Chechen Terrorists to be Buried in Pigskin
According to the Moskovski Komsomol newspaper, Russian security forces have decided to bury the terrorists from last's week's hostage siege wrapped in pig's skin. The aim is to deter potential Islamic terrorists from future attacks.

Shahidi (Jihad martyrs) believe by their nefarious acts that they ascend immediately to heaven. Using their beliefs against them, wrapping their corpses in 'unclean' pigskin prevents them from entering heaven for eternity.

Toyota plans to have all their cars gas-electric hybrids by 2012. Cool


Marroon that stole candy from a kid sentenced to wear a sign that says "‘I’m sorry. I will not steal from children.’’ and hand out candy.

Neat dialect map. Who the hell calls soda, "dope"???

Haha, this quiz figured me out pretty easily;)

*looks at the current world's population* You must have a lot of frustration then.

What pisses you off?

Created by ptocheia

"Superman actor Christopher Reeve is so pleased with his progress that he is certain he will walk again. Reeve, who has been paralyzed since a riding accident in 1995, is confounding medical science by regaining movement. He says, "I'm positive I will walk again." In fact, doctors have been so surprised by the 50-year-old's progress that they want to study him. Reeve recently showed a neuroscientist that he was able to move his finger again and was delighted at the response to his feat. He says, "I showed him my finger movement, and from his reaction you'd have thought I'd just walked on water! He said I should take part in a study, and put aside my other activities - acting, public speaking, writing, travel - in order to focus on exercise, which I did." However, neither Reeve nor scientists can define what is exactly happening in his body. He says, "The physical exercise may be stimulating nerve pathways that remained intact after my injury, but went to sleep through disuse. The other possibility is that the spinal chord - if driven by exercise - can regenerate to some extent. That's the only possible explanation, because there's been no medical intervention." Reeve does realize that because of his wealth he can easily afford treatment denied to others - and thinks this is unfair. He adds, "I've been able to afford things that should be available to everyone, and should be paid for by insurance. I hope my progress will change the way insurance companies work.""
Thats really cool, hopefully he does it.

Wow, this sounds like the worst movie ever made.

I've got chocolate bubblegum.


Follow-up to the games:
Vodkavoodoo (9:39:55 PM): whats up with you and posting cracker games for me
Vodkavoodoo (9:39:55 PM): are you trying to get me to fail out of my classes

Nooo, the actor that plays Dumbledore has died. What does it all mean Basil?

Volcano in Italy has lava flowing out after a series of earthquakes. "Residents of Linguaglossa, a popular ski town whose name means "big tongue of lava," nervously eyed the glowing rocks and boiling liquid streaming down the mountain."

Record shows on special harddrive/dvd recorder/insanely cool but expensive thing

Hmm, Daylight Savings Time was yesterday. Unfortunately, I forgot to set the clock I see when I wake up back. So, this morning, I woke up, looked at the clock and said, "Crap, I'm really late for class...theres no way I can make it there on time to be able to do anything." So I went to bed to wake up for Chem at 1. I woke up at what I thought was 12 and said, "Nooo, I'm going to be late." I then proceeded to look at my cellphone and smack myself upside the head. I could of made it to my first class, I was actually waking up the normal time. Doh. I then get here, and guess what? Only 4 kids were in the class I missed anyway AND I handed in the homework for it last week. So, I didn't miss anything and got to sleep in. Weee

The sniper's letter.

Nooo, my $27 million bounty down the drain.

Crazy weird new search engines. This ones "visual based".

$200 portable DVD player...almost cheap enough. Maybe cheap enough for a Christmas present. I might have to wait for a Divx compatible model...I have all these cds of movies from college I need to watch still:)

Finally, Divx DVD players.


Tank wars. Jake will never get work done again.

Why is there a dang floating marijauna leaf, isn't this supposed to be an anti-drug thing??? Looks like subliminal messaging if you ask me.

Look, crazy Area 51 pics. Maybe now I can get to meet the men in black! Or get shot...or star in my own sitcom, or something...whatever the crazy government does for looking at photos of secret type stuff.

I'll pretend this ISN'T a comic that has 1.)"All your base are belong to us" 2.) Domo-kun 3.)Some dude named Vindibudd

Yarghh, Blogger been hacked then (yes, that means us)

Microsoft attempts to takeover New York with its corporate propaganda

Minigolf. Yes Jake, more addicting games for you, I know you hate me.

Man shot by his dog. "The puppy knew something was very wrong when Murray dropped to the ground with blood spurting from his ankle. "Sonny just laid by my side," Murray said. "He knew something was bad."" This close to being a Darwin Award.


Dang thieving birds. First they steal our children, then our quarters.


"If you sent two people to Mars, one of them would die," says Marco Durante of the Federico II University in Naples, who has studied the health effects of radiation in Mir astronauts for ESA." That sucks...need to think of a better way to shield against radiation. Lead works, but is obviously too heavy to be practical. Maybe some sort of electromagnetic field to deflect would sort of work as a television does to reflect the electron beam, no?

Need help with works cited? This may be of some assistance. It generates them for you...just for examples of course....;)

Yes, people are following the stupid advice I showed earlier. Might as well buy Kevlar vests to go to Mc Donalds. Ha "Note: This body armor will not stop the .223 bullet that the Beltway Sniper uses, but it will increase your chances of survival if hit."

Chicken Vampire with Kangaroo Head Terrorizes Farmers. Lovely, I don't even have to make these things up.

New tv show, basically, "Who Wants to Die on Mt. Everest?" One more reason why I've boycotted tv.

I want one. "Sony has released this all in one media device that can play mp3's, wma's, cd's, and DVD's... yes, DVD's. It can be hooked up to your computer, and be used as a CD-RW and then hooked up to your TV, and play your favorite DVD's." From Slashdot.

Very interesting. People on the internet discover the identity of a bomber before the real police do.


Interesting profile of the sniper. Seems to support my "angry redneck" theory:)

I kid you not, this is the list of things to avoid being a target of the sniper:
Advice from sniper experts on how to avoid becoming a target:
Shop and buy gas in dark, out-of-the-way places
If you are traveling in open spaces, especially those surrounded by woods or rolling terrain, keep moving
When you're out for a walk or jog, Quiet, country roads may be safer than high-traffic, "target rich" areas
Be extra aware if you are standing in an area where you are visible from more than 80 to 100 yards away -- such as a brightly lit gas station

Anyone else notice that this opens you up for a lot of other types of crime??? Shop and buy gas in dark places? Jog alone? They want everyone to get robbed instead?

Coolest camera ever. Reminds me of the one in Eraser that everyone said wasn't possible

Nice guys finish last. I'd like to think that wasn't true, but a lot of the time it looks like it is.

A test to see which religion you are.
Mine told me I am:
#1: Neo-Pagan (100)
#2: Theravada Buddhist (99)
#3: Unitarian Universalist (96)
#4: Mahayana Buddhist (95)
Very interesting stuff reading about some of them. A lot of it applies from the first, which includes some Universal Eclectic Wiccan beliefs(not sure if its the same for the other orders) like the Law of Return and the Ethic of Self-Responsibility. The Rede is good too. But a few points I agree with in Buddhism as well. Like that there is no main deity. Kinda cool:)
Also, Harry Potter tests
I am:
#1 Professor Alastor Moody
#2 Rubeus Hagrid
#3 Professor Albus Dumbledore
#4 Hermione Granger
#5 Professor Remus Lupin
I only know three of those characters and the first one isn't one of them:) Oh well.

Clothing to detect things for the army?

""Son of Sam" fiend David Berkowitz says he, too, is being victimized by the Psycho Sniper, at least emotionally." Yes, I'm sure you and your friend, the 3,000 year old dog Harvey, are suffering tremendously.

Told you they didn't catch him yet.

More games.


It's a joke, get it?

New X-box(yes, its evil) game. It costs $200 and comes with a special 40 button controller that is required to play it. The sad thing is the game actually sounds cool.

"Gangs of nocturnal thieves are stalking whole neighbourhoods in northern Germany's towns and cities."


Halloween myths. My favorite, "Don't get close to groups of teenagers. They capture children, mummify them in toilet paper and set them on fire."

Pumpkin Cannon

Music reversals. "If there was a top 40 of backmasked songs, then "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin would be at the top. This song contains many backward messages. Here is one of them that occurs right at the very end of the song.. It says: "Play backwards. Hear words sung." The curious thing, however, is that there are no superimposed soundtracks on this song and the backward phrase is formed purely by the way the words were sung at the time the recording was made."

What would you consider suitable revenge against AOL for all those dang cds they send? How about 1 million of them put on their doorstep?

Hahahahahahah. A headband similar to those worn by tennis players is somehow supposed to protect you in a car accident."We put the headband on an instrument, a head form simulating a human head, and fired it at a steel beam to simulate an impact with the pillars of the car alongside the windscreen or alongside the head on the side of the car" Whew, next time I'm going to have a steel beam shot at my head, I'll be sure to wear a headband. :-P


Mountain Dew Can Shotgun. Enough said. And if that isn't, heres a quote: "This "Street Sweeper" style shotgun IS considered a "Deadly Weapon" by the ATF and therefore falls under the required registration process as just any other "Street Sweeper" style shotgun would be. Due to the extremely high velocity to which each can be fired there is the ever present danger of death or dismemberment due to faulty handling. Although an owner's manual and operating instructions are included is highly recommended to practice fire this weapon OUTDOORS before launching these deadly Mountain Dew cans at your friends at your next party or get together. "

Recipe guaranteed to induce labor.

Holy crap. 14ft wingspan!?! Could this be one of the thunderbirds of lore?

"When moving outside, walk briskly in a zigzag pattern." Idiots:)

You guys really should boycott TV like I did and just download shows/movies to watch. No commercials, no watching boring stuff, easy to rewind/fast forward. I don't even have to watch as the news agencies flounder to find something good to show after they've talked about the sniper for 5 hours and someones pet cat having a birthday. I have only ever seen ONE of these stupid commercials and that was a long time ago, I didn't even know they had more with this guy in them. Oh god, he has a fan club??? "hi my name is Kala and im gonna marry Steve. Cuz him and i are meant to be so all u chicks who like have this huge crush on him back off barbies cuz steve and i are meant to be and he only wants me ." What is wrong with people?:-P

Who would you vote for, Saddam or Saddam? "This is a unique manifestation of democracy that is superior to all other forms of democracies, even in those countries that are besieging Iraq" Yeah, I like a country where I don't need to even pick a leader, I just vote "yes" or get shot...I mean vote "no".

Remember how upset America was after the attacks on 9/11? Australia is just as effected by the attacks on Bali as seen here(scroll down a bit) and yet US journalism hardly covers it. Does that mean we're being selfish and not caring about other countries, or do you think its because of that damn sniper?


My skycar better come out soon so I can use it to collect bounties like in Cowboy Bebop. "The M400 Skycar can cruise comfortably at 350+ MPH and achieve over 25 per gallon." It also has vertical takeoff and landing. The only problem is that when it comes out, it will start at around $1 Million. It will go down eventually, but by how much?


I never got my powerglove for my Nintendo back in the day. Now hopefully I'll get one of these.

Mmmm, surround sound music.

4 in 10 Americans support annexing Canada. "Sands said he was somewhat puzzled by the "high minority" of Americans who said Canada should be annexed. However, he speculated the responses were an indication of goodwill and welcome towards Canadians should the government ever decide on its own that it wants to join the United States." Yeah, thats it, decide on "its own". Silly Canadians. The real reason is that everyone thinks they'd be real easy to take over. Plus then Alaska wouldn't be so disconnected from the rest of the US. The only problem is what to do with millions of people with the "aboot" and "oot" accents.

This moron needs to be caught. Shooting women in the head is not something to be proud of. The reward on him is $500,000. Maybe we can go down there and do some bounty hunting. What do they do if there is other guys that are riding on the tail of the first sniper thinking that all the blame for his killing will go to the other guy? There was a van found with weapons and a tarot card, but they think that is just a set up, probably to place the blame on Islamics (it had something about Jihad in it as well).

"Three of the nation's top retailers, including Wal Mart, on Monday said they had refused to carry a new video game billed as the first major release to feature full-action nudity and with prostitutes and pimps as major characters" Haha, the games motto is "We're going to hell for this and you're all coming with us."

Duct tape removes warts. Apparently it CAN be used for anything:)


More Babelfish fun. This translates it between 5 different languages for you and then puts it back into English to see the results. Example: "The old man sat on the bench." becomes "They based to the old man on the series." Yeah...thats pretty cracked out.


Akira to be a live action film.


In Fahrenheit 451 sucides are very common, like 10 or so a night. Which makes you wonder how the population goes on. In real life, about 800,000 people die each year worldwide from suicide. An interesting note is that Europe has double the suicide rate for the US while the US has double the homicide rate of Europe.

"The U.S. House of Representatives has approved (296-133) a resolution authorizing President Bush to use military force against Iraq." Oh goody. Thank you Mr. George "Strategery" Bush. Now we can all see if this can get screwed up royally. Maybe gas will go to $10 a gallon and we can finally get electric cars.

Tree kills treehugger

White House Exaggerating Iraqi Threat. Duh.

Jake, we need to get these. Here's an article on them.

Cool Lego sculptures based off Escher's works. If you don't get one, I can explain it, just remember, its all in the angles.


Bad way to help with support for alternative fuels, fining the people that use them.

I give you A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace. Basically like the American Declaration of Independence only for the internet:) Kind of hopes for the opposite of the ignorant world of Fahrenheit 451, where discussion and philosophy are discouraged.

How many of you miss Audiogalaxy? Guess what, I found where it moved to. No, not that lame thing at the old site, turns out they moved to Poland. The program is now called Mediaseek and its up and running:) And yes, they have LOTS of Ska-P!!

Ebay is funny. Even funnier.

Curry(more specifically, turmeric, a spice in it) thought to help against cancer. Also might help heal wounds.

Magazines that will hopefully never be. I think the John Travolta one is funny, but you won't get it unless you know he's a member of this cult(info on why its a cult here. Jake will like the Natalie Portman "so you want to be a 'cleaner' " one:)

Californians think spider webs are UFO's. Silly Californians.

Buy the book where rob got the exerpts for Kamikaze stuff. INSANITY NOW

Mysterious fireballs still appearing.


Kamikaze stuff for Jake. Heres a short summary over at BBC.

Spoof on Babelfish doing a American to Canadian translation. "'I moved to the United States earlier this year, and I was struggling with the language,' said Kevin McCoullough, from Toronto. 'I couldn't even buy a Slurpee without using grand gestures, and sounding out American phrases phonetically. Each time I worried about offending the American clerk, and getting short-changed or perhaps even shot. With Babelfish, I can now function within American society.'"

Kid misses bus to mountain bike competition 120 km away so he rides there on his own. After 4 hours he gets there but his competition has already taken place. "But we all know that he is a very determined character and I must say somewhat insane to have undertaken that journey."

Washington DC gets its own "State" quarter. "Besides the District, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands would each get a coin under the House bill."

Father buckles up his beer...leaves son unbuckled in the back.


Childhood stories ruined once more. Maybe not, although Austin Powers 3 wasn't exactly my idea of a great movie...:)

Quote from Never Trust a Monkey

"Oh my god. This is just too perfect:

Republican candidates are beating the war drums just as support for invading Iraq is dissipating. Whereas a Gallup Poll last November revealed 74 percent in favor of a ground invasion of Iraq and 20 percent opposed, this August the percentage of those in favor plummeted to 53, with 41 percent opposed -- roughly the same margin that existed before September 11.

Moreover, the profile of those who favor war versus those who oppose it increasingly resembles the electoral breakdown of the mid-1990s. The opponents are disproportionately women, minorities, senior citizens, the college-educated and residents of the Northeast, Midwest and Far West. The administration's core supporters are rural, white, male, southern Republicans without a college diploma.

No f***ing kidding. Uneducated Southern people are for an invasion?? No way!


College graduates have sometimes been the most supportive of going to war. In a November 2001 Washington Post poll, 73 percent of college graduates, compared with 71 percent of all respondents, favored sending a "significant number of ground troops into Afghanistan." And in a Gallup Poll in June, they favored invasion by 53 percent to 44 percent. But in August, as the Bush administration's intentions became clearer, they opposed it by 47 percent to 44 percent.

Who would of thought that the rednecks wanted a war? *Hums Dixieland*

You can use laser pens to take out survelliance cameras. Heres the how-to.

Exchange emails through handshake. Coolest. Thing. Ever.

Lioness adopts baby antelope. Other lions call her a wussy.

New "planet" in the solar system found. Its called Quaoar.I thought they had a Planet X for years before this? I'm just wondering if it won't turn out to be fake:)

Guess what ranks in America's Worst Phone Services? Yup, Voicestream, now known as T-Mobile(1,466 complaints about the company in the past year, giving it one of the worst complaint rates in the industry). That explains why I've been getting busy signals everytime I call Jake. "VoiceStream, for example, offers the cheapest prices of any carrier — but has one of the worst complaint records in the industry. The FCC has received 1,443 complaints about the company, which amounts to one for every 55,000 subscribers. A key problem is that the company has a notoriously weak network."

Lyrics to the Song that never ends...dang, it ends on about the 10th page of lyrics.

These people are selling real estate on the moon...uhh...and they're insane too.


Exploding Whale

How to talk to your kids about Fascism...should be a lovely segway into that trip to Disney World, which we all know is run by that evil fascist mouse:)

Elevator into space. 3005th floor please?

Get a map of your genes on cd for $500,000

The History of War

Man robbed a bank through the drivethrough.

Moon Cities?

Yearrghh, VCD pirates take to the high seas to avoid detection.


Possibilities for the duel between Bush and Hussein:)

Google Ascii Art

Nooo, they already took Infoseek from me, not Google too!! Eh, they'll probably fix the problem and everything will be ok, otherwise, I'll begin using Teoma:)

"Italy Families Becoming the Simpsons, Experts Warn" Che? Piu ragioni per me visitare Italia;)

Super Goop! They want to use it in robots..but what happens if you hold a fridge magnet up to the thing? It'd turn to solid and fall over.

"Imagine a CD with a storage capacity not of 650 MB but 650 million MB. Such a storage capacity is theoretically possible because of experiments using individual atoms to store data. In 1959, physicist Richard Feynman pointed out that all the words written in the history of the world could be contained in a cube of material one tenth of a millimetre wide - provided those words were written with atoms." Woohoo, then I could finally download the internet like I've always wanted to.

Some of you may have seen this game, but oh well, its fun anyway. Keep the ball in the air for as long as possible.

For those of you that haven't seen this.

Five Simple Ways to Ruin the World "Imagine a world where we can't even try to shoot the damn dog in "Duck Hunt." Are you done imagining? Good, because that's a horrible thing to spend a long time imagining."

Why was Snoop Dog in a Muppet Movie to begin with??

Googlefight! Type in two words, whichever has the most results wins. Von vs Rob? Von wins. Rob vs Jake? Rob wins:-P Monkey vs Gnome?? Gnome wins...Woohoo, go gnomes, defend against that evil monkey menace.

Higher gravity in New Zealand than other parts of the world.


Trying to use machines to do things that people are supposed to do. Not doing a very good job either, they're getting people in trouble for having school reports and stuff up.

180 mph??? Weird looking, although it gets 180 miles range too.

Pez juice??? Pics here. I have the caterpillar in the picture from Von's birthday:)


Unable to admit they were wrong about not seeing a doctor, they try to resurrect the poor girl. (Not to give the ending away or anything, but it obviously doesn't happen.)

"I GREW HEMP" and other weird sayings found on dollars.

Pistols at noon. Sounds good to me, good way to take all the idiots out at once:) If you think about it, if they are both willing to send thousands of people to war, shouldn't they themselves be prepared to die and in fact take that option over killing hundreds or even thousands?

Vote for the blue guy???

Update: Picture of the blue guy:)

This is supposed to be the world's funniest joke.

Another addicting game.

How long can you hold it?

The Simpsons, soon to be in trilogy form.


Fly my pretties, fly!!! *Cackles Wickedly* Sugar gliders are the flying monkey/rat/gremlin things that Von has for pets. Note to people buying sugar gliders: Don't feed after midnight and don't allow to get wet

Quiz Time! I got a 14, although that may be partially because I didn't really have an answer to half of the questions:)

This guy was dumb enough to get caught after he took someone else's car he was supposed to be repairing for a joy ride.

Spoof on Microsoft putting ads into its blue screens of death:)

Am I on one?(only Jake will get that) Thats a strange looking cat. Here kitty kitty kitty. AHHHHHHHHHH


Bling bling dawg. This better be a joke, thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Ouch. Luckily she's ok.

New Red Hat Linux looks pretty cool. If I can get a spare computer maybe I'll try running it.
Update: Mirrors to download it.

Followup, blondes aren't going extinct unless they pull off some Darwin Awards.

"Better cell phone reception through God"


Lets screw with Babelfish, an online translator, so I can show how bad it really is. We'll start with the line "The red monkey climbed up the brown tree quickly." and switch it to Italian. We get "La scimmia rossa si ¨¨ arrampicata rapidamente sull'albero marrone." Sounds ok so far, so now back to English. We get "The red monkey has quickly scrambled up on the tree brown." Hmm. Now on to German from this line. "Der rote Affe hat schnell durcheinandergemischtes oben auf dem Baumbraun." What the heck is durcheinandergemischtes!!!??!!! From German directly to French. "Le singe rouge a rapidement durcheinandergemischtes en haut sur cela brun." Back to English. "The red monkey quickly has durcheinandergemischtes in top on that brown." Haha, that German word just won't go away will it:). On top that brown? Haha. Ok, lets switch it to Japanese and REALLY screw it up:) "³à¤¤Ô³¤Ë¤½¤ì¤ÎÉϤǤ¹¤°¤Ëdurcheinandergemischtes ¤¬²èÉ«¤¢¤ë" Doubt that shows right on your comps (you need Japanese encoding) but oh well, now back to English. "In the red monkey immediately the durcheinandergemischtes is a brown the on that" Hahaha, alright, I could keep going, but it'd just get worse:) At least whisper down the lane is usually in complete sentences or phrases and doesn't have random 80 letter German words in the middle of it:)

Ok guys, when we come to attack you, make sure you don't use your biological or chemical weapons against us, ok? Yeah, I'm sure they'll just go right along with that as long as in return, we use spoons and jello instead of guns.

Man attempts to get a free cruise by rappelling down a bridge. Lands in Police boat instead. "They were just waiting for him at the bottom"

Memory tricks/tips for you forgetful types. I like the "Memory Palace" the best.

Spoof of the Tilley Foundation who took a Delorean and claims to have made it run for hundreds of miles on batteries without recharge. They were doing a test and a bearing of the Delorean broke, not allowing it to finish and putting up a lot of criticism.

Ewww, slime

I have a nomination for a Darwin Award!

The US has comitted terrorist crimes? For those of you too lazy to read that it says, "In 1986, the United States was found guilty by the World Court of “unlawful use of violence” (international terrorism) for its actions in Nicaragua. The United States then promptly vetoed a Security Council resolution calling on all states to adhere to international law."(US Terrorism) For those of you that think that page is a bad source, "1984: The CIA mines Nicaragua's harbors in a covert operation. Both US enemies and allies condemn the action. Nicaragua sues the US in the World Court, and in June 1986 the Court finds the US guilty of violating international law" is a part from Thinkquest. Big thing on oil, with sources:).


Ice Age 2 and I don't mean the movie.

No more blondes??

Russian space effort runs out of cash. In other news, Russia will now go up for sale on Ebay. ;)

This guy has major problems.

Fine, nobody wants to download your music anyway:-P "Yes, my friends, the artists are hurting badly. It is estimated that many of them will only make $100 million or so this year. They are starving and will soon be homeless. Eminem moving back to Detroit with his mother. Britney Spears moving into a car. And Elton living in the trailer...Here is how you can help: Just be willing to pay $20 for a CD that should sell for $7 and you can make for $4" Don't they make most of their money from ad sponsership, concerts, and their little movie roles in which they pretend they can act?:) The record labels get most of the money from cds anyway and they get more popularity over people actually listening to their songs for free then they do from just putting a bunch of cds in the store. I never would of heard of half the bands I listen to if I couldn't download them.



No more Dwarf Tossing in France.

Uranium for sale. Not quite as easy as if it were on Ebay though.

Theres a Looney Party in London, their slogan? Vote for insanity. Wheres our Looney Party???



Violent video games are good for us. And more of it.

Sweet! Bruce Campbell stars in the next Spiderman! You all better be going with me to see that...May 7th, 2004

Very weird optical illusion

China behind 9/11?

By request, Darwin Awards. Here's a man who died as a result of his cell phone. Stupid Human Tricks is a nice list of short ones.

Weasel traffic signs, courtesy of Dilbert. Then of course there is always the Weasel Competition and once you're done with that you can buy weasel stuff.

Everything you know is wrong. Even if you don't take the quiz, read the answers, they're interesting.

Place your bets on when we attack Iraq here, cash prize involved.

"TOY shops are under fire for selling a range of monster-like dolls that it is claimed could encourage violence in children. The terror toys, called Stretch Screamers, let out horrifying screams when pulled by the arms and legs. When strangled, their brains and eyes pop out of their heads." Yeah...ok....I know that would make me more violent...obviously they don't notice that kids always have action figures kill each other anyway.

The world's ugliest vehicle.

And the censorship begins. You can't link to these sites.

Teacher earned $26 million an hour.

Haha, even cosmonauts have to fill out census forms.

Israel launched two missiles at Gaza City. "Witnesses said a car took a direct hit, and explosions set fire to a second vehicle. Gaza hospital officials said at least 27 people were wounded, six of them seriously.
The two cars were reduced to tangles of metal. Local residents pulled body parts from the smoking wreckage and held them aloft, shouting in fury.

Life on Venus? Maybe its some evil alien bacteria spore that we will go to research and it'll wipe out everyone unless we stop it! Or maybe its algae or something.


Most flirting is now done over text messaging on phones. I think a lot is done over instant messaging too though.

Videos of the firing of Grable. Grable was a nuclear weapon launched from an artillery cannon...quite a punch. "The Atomic Cannon, at 280 mm, was the largest nuclear capable mobile artillery piece manufactured by the United States. On May 25, 1953, a 280 mm cannon fired an atomic projectile a distance of 7 miles at the Nevada Test Site. Twenty 280 mm cannons were manufactured. None were used in battle."


Some of the scariest things ever. Half of you won't forgive me if you see the link:)

"Why stop at a muppet with AIDS"

Zen gardens are cool. "The garden's 15 rocks are of various sizes, placed in five separate groupings. The white gravel that surrounds them is raked every day; perfect circles around the rocks, perfectly straight lines in the rest of the space. The rocks are arranged so that no matter where a visitor stands, only 14 can be seen. It is said that only when you attain spiritual enlightenment as a result of Zen meditation will you see the 15th stone."

More info into how Google News works.

"Tis Time to kill any educator who does not teach Cubicism above cubelessness. To save humanity from extinction, like prior civilizations perished, youth must redirect self teachers, or destroy them." This guys a freaking wacko.

The header alone for this makes it funny. "Kids burning bus shelters to get high"

Seagulls taste like chicken. Although I don't think I'd enjoy eating them much...rats of the sky, up there with pigeons and bats:)

You too can create records for a measly price of only $5000. Or you can just burn cds with a $80 burner and a $1 cd...whichever.


"When a Greek sponge diver called Elias Stadiatos discovered the wreck of a cargo ship off the tiny island of Antikythera in 1900, it was the statues lying on the seabed that made the greatest impression on him. He returned to the surface, removed his helmet, and gabbled that he had found a heap of dead, naked women. The ship's cargo of luxury goods also included jewellery, pottery, fine furniture, wine and bronzes dating back to the first century BC. But the most important finds proved to be a few green, corroded lumps—the last remnants of an elaborate mechanical device" Very interesting what they found down there. Only now are they starting to understand what exactly it was.

"Scientists have discovered a crystal that answers back. They sent a sound wave into the material, there was a quiet pause, then it suddenly emitted the same sound." Could be fun to make a room out of it that echos back after you say something. Or maybe there is a way to store sounds in it longer and retrieve them with an electrical charge, might make for an interesting voice recorder.

Well, I added a comments link for the things I post, so if you can't actually post articles, etc. to the page you can still comment on things.

So stupid

Disney wants to be merged with AOL. This means CNN would be merging with ABC. Official transcript of upcoming news bulletin;)

Announcer: "We have Mickey Mouse here, live from Afghanistan."
Mickey: "Well uh guys, huh huh, looks like these people here fighting need some mousketeer ears!"
Cluster bomb goes off and Mickey suddenly disappears from the screen. Zoom in on a pair of ears and a bowtie.

Alright, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

For those of you that know how easy it is to change rulers in Britain. Tony Blair, the current Prime Minister, is losing popularity due to his stance with Bush on Iraq.

Stop, drop, and roll. I only hope these guys managed to eliminate any future chance of breeding and passing on their stupidity to future generations. "Being totally stupid is not a crime."

A lawsuit over plagiarizing silence... Lawsuits are so stupid these days. Even more and warning labels that surely resulted from other random acts of stupidity. "On a bag of Fritos: You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside." :)



Ha, men harass Jordanian woman, men get beaten up.

Hahaha, when pigs fly! Wait, damn, can't use that anymore.

Google News! Note on the bottom is "This page was generated entirely by computer algorithms without human editors. No humans were harmed or even used in the creation of this page."

New version of Kazaa out allows unlimited bitrates, less misnamed files, and makes it easier to download "playlists"(in other words, whole albums) all at once, along with a bunch of other things like skins, etc. Not sure if the hacked, ad free version, KazaaLite is up to date yet though.

In the Persian Gulf war, Israel got hit by 39 Iraqi Scud missiles, with no response. However, this time: "I don't think there is a scenario in which Israel will get hit and not strike back," a senior Western official said." And a little overview of the whole thing.


Eek, carny slashes boys neck after accusing him of stealing a prize.


mmm, online sand art. (I made pretty pictures!!)

Uhhh, wtf? hahaha, its a tribute to Ray Harryhausen.


Soilent green is people! And what tasty people they are.


Forbes Fictional Fifteen Richest People. People like Monty Burns and Richie Rich:)

"Even U.S. lawmakers who support authorization of use of force, said they do not like the last line of the draft resolution, which says that "force" should be used against the threat posed by Iraq, and restore international peace and security in the region."
Note to all of you, that line will be VERY important if it isn't changed. Region could mean any country in the Middle East. Next thing you know we may be bombing Syria.


n : a person who professes beliefs and opinions that they do not hold

"We strongly condemn terror, we strongly condemn violence," Bush said. "And we continue to send our message to the good people in that region that if you are interested in peace and if you want people to grow up in a peaceful world, all should do everything they can to reject and stop violence."

Hahaha, If I type in "Sbs Thayer", my mom's business that I made a webpage for, my webpage I made in Engineering last year actually comes up before it does in the hits:) Travel back in time and look at my older page. Yes, I drew everything on there except the gnome:)

This guy fights back against the spammers. Give'em a taste of their own medicine.

Vote John Cusack for President. Alright, well, maybe not, although he can't be worse than most the candidates we get these days:)

Palestinian suicide bomber kills 5 in Israel. Israel lays siege upon Arafat's compound in return.

"President Bush warned on Thursday the U.N. Security Council must deal with Iraq or the United States and its allies would act alone as Iraq accused Washington of lying to gain control of Middle East oil." Going to war in *cough*October*cough*.

Scooter + Chainsaw motor = Weee

Oh ads talking to us like in Minority Report only we will be the only ones that can hear them. Sounds like a good way to cause insanity in people, with voices only they can hear telling them to buy Cheerios or else.

"The United States intelligence community was told in 1998 that Arab terrorists were planning to fly a bomb-laden plane into the World Trade Center, but the F.B.I. and the Federal Aviation Administration did not take the threat seriously, a Congressional investigation into the Sept. 11 attacks has found." and more

Yarrrgh, today be Talk Like a Pirate day. Find out your pirate name. I be Captain Roger Kidd. "Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!"

Type "Go to hell" in Google and what do you find?

80 year old woman beats the crap out of a robber


If anyone takes offense to me complaining about the current state of affairs with Iraq, I have a father in the National Guard and a good friend in the marines that is likely to be sent out if we start fighting. My concern is for them. If my father gets deployed, I will also have no house, so :-P, let me rant. My goal someday is to create the ultimate weapon to end war. Sort of how the nuclear bomb somewhat ended the possibility for certain wars. Russia and America both knew if one fired nukes, the other would and the entire world would most likely be destroyed, hence, no war:) My ideas involve removing soldiers from the battlefield and replacing them with robots, much like aircrafts are being replaced with drones.

"Iraq might have a Scud rocket or two hidden away with which to attack Israel, for example. That could draw Israel into any fighting." Does it bother anyone else that a country that is renowned for not taking any crap that has nuclear weapons is in the firing range of a country that is renowned for causing trouble?

At least I'm not crazy, even the news agrees with me somewhat. "Just as US President George W Bush thought he had Saddam cornered, the master tactician has suddenly and unexpectedly agreed to allow United Nations weapons inspectors back into Iraq.

Huh? "Paralysed Reeve blames Bush and Catholic church for his plight"

"Bush administration is moving quickly to get domestic backing for a possible US attack on Iraq, despite Baghdad's offer to let weapons inspectors back in."

Microwaves are bad for us? There goes half the food in my fridge. On a somewhat related note, heres fun stuff to put in the microwave. Please note that most of it wasn't intended for a microwave, which makes it all the more fun;)

You should be as disturbed about this as I was(PS: Its not what you think it is, trust me)

It's a party and you're all invited!

Whoa whoa whoa, where do you think you're going there Russia? We can do it, but you can't!

"We have no real idea what our government is doing right now, at this moment, as you read this. And we find this enormously reassuring."


Round and round we go, when will we stop? Not today

Parody of why we must invade Iraq.

Woman runs into cow with car, sues because there aren't signs saying not to run into cows.

I will be objective, unlike the moron reporters mentioned earlier. At least three, but possibly four(as we are told) commercial jets are hijacked. Two hit the two buildings of the world trade center. One crashes in Pennsylvania, and one hits the pentagon. The one in the Pentagon is under intense speculation because of the width of the hole in the building and the fact that the plane reported to hit it disappears off radar for most of the trip. Another thing I notice is that it hits an area of the Pentagon that it empty, a newly constructed part. All the flights, from what I've read, were also fairly empty, with about 1/3 of the amount of people that would normally be in them. We also conveniantly find "How to Fly a Plane" manuals and basically a plethora of evidence(those of you that have seen Minority Report know what I'm talking about). Not jumping to conclusions yet. Bush has been reported to fake pictures of where he was on that day. After that, we need a country to blame. You can't just say you're going to fight terrorism. You need to associate terrorism with something. We choose Afghanistan. Afghanistan, a country we have worried about being in control of "our" oil. "'The Americans are unhappy about the prospect of a radical Muslim state controlling a proposed £1.2 billion gas pipeline through Afghanistan from Turkmenistan. ' Telegraph 16th August 1998" And more recently, on Sept 11, actually, "'..the US - and several countries in the region - are also keen to commercially exploit the vast oil and gas reserves in Central Asia, and believe that Afghanistan holds the key. Several countries are exploring the idea of building a pipeline from Central Asia across Afghanistan to Pakistan and beyond - something that would be impossible without a stable Afghanistan. ' - BBC 11th September 2001" And of course now that we have eliminated the Taliban, who were the whole problem with the oil deal, they are free to actually build it. Well, now that we have a pipeline to deliver oil, we need oil to put in the thing, don't we? So, now comes Iraq. Bush really seems to want to go to war with Iraq. We attempt to have weapons inspectors go over there to look for weapons, perhaps because we know they have something to hide, knowing that they will refuse. This allows us a reason why we "have" to go fight Iraq, because they are not complying. "Bush to issue demand for inspectors in Iraq. Refusal may mean a military invasion" So, Iraq, argues back and forth with us about it. Then something perhaps unexpected happens. Iraq allows unconditionally the return of weapon's inspectors. Bush now needs another reason to go to war with Iraq, so in the meantime he says the world "must not be fooled by an Iraqi offer to allow the return of U.N. weapons inspectors" Now to get subjective. I believe that Bush will go to whatever extent possible to go to war with Iraq so that the US will have more control of the oil in Iraq through the control of the pipeline in Afghanistan. Seeing how incapable he appears to be at many of the things hes doing, such as the possible forged pictures, I just hope he doesn't drag us all into something that results in more casualties or worse. Sorry about the rant, had to get it out of my system:)

More conspiracy stuff.

Who better to stop terrorists than the country known for mounties, hockey, and "aboot".


Nukes in Iraq?

More on the Hollow Earth Theory previously mentioned. Even the Germans thought it was there. Kinda wonder how it still holds up if they can't find the massive holes at the icecaps.

Reporters are morons. Thankfully, I get all my info off the internet, so its gotta be true;-)

Hahaha, gargoyles, hahaha



HIV virus may aid in heart transplants. Kinda interesting how it works too. "The virus, which causes Aids, is dangerous precisely because it has the great ability to integrate its own genetic material into that of ordinary non-dividing cells." People were always saying that it was a manufactured virus, I wonder if thats possible?

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