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Fine, nobody wants to download your music anyway:-P "Yes, my friends, the artists are hurting badly. It is estimated that many of them will only make $100 million or so this year. They are starving and will soon be homeless. Eminem moving back to Detroit with his mother. Britney Spears moving into a car. And Elton living in the trailer...Here is how you can help: Just be willing to pay $20 for a CD that should sell for $7 and you can make for $4" Don't they make most of their money from ad sponsership, concerts, and their little movie roles in which they pretend they can act?:) The record labels get most of the money from cds anyway and they get more popularity over people actually listening to their songs for free then they do from just putting a bunch of cds in the store. I never would of heard of half the bands I listen to if I couldn't download them.

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