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Lets screw with Babelfish, an online translator, so I can show how bad it really is. We'll start with the line "The red monkey climbed up the brown tree quickly." and switch it to Italian. We get "La scimmia rossa si ¨¨ arrampicata rapidamente sull'albero marrone." Sounds ok so far, so now back to English. We get "The red monkey has quickly scrambled up on the tree brown." Hmm. Now on to German from this line. "Der rote Affe hat schnell durcheinandergemischtes oben auf dem Baumbraun." What the heck is durcheinandergemischtes!!!??!!! From German directly to French. "Le singe rouge a rapidement durcheinandergemischtes en haut sur cela brun." Back to English. "The red monkey quickly has durcheinandergemischtes in top on that brown." Haha, that German word just won't go away will it:). On top that brown? Haha. Ok, lets switch it to Japanese and REALLY screw it up:) "³à¤¤Ô³¤Ë¤½¤ì¤ÎÉϤǤ¹¤°¤Ëdurcheinandergemischtes ¤¬²èÉ«¤¢¤ë" Doubt that shows right on your comps (you need Japanese encoding) but oh well, now back to English. "In the red monkey immediately the durcheinandergemischtes is a brown the on that" Hahaha, alright, I could keep going, but it'd just get worse:) At least whisper down the lane is usually in complete sentences or phrases and doesn't have random 80 letter German words in the middle of it:)

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