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Make yourself into a Southpark character...pretty cool


I get a 98% with Von, but no where close with most of the other people I tried, what do you get with me? (Birthday is April 17, 1983)

One final page on the RIAA hack....last one, I swear!

Lighter + gas tank = bad idea

More info on the RIAA's hacked webpage, also a picture.

"The gnomes under General Nosehairs command are all Crack Assault Gnomes. With entire legions dedicated to certain attack forms such as the Gnomish Catapault Squads and Major BigEar's Beserker Battalions or the Ninja-Gnome Assassins capable of tracking down any enemy and dealing a quick and silent death. One cannot forget the Para-Trooper Gnomes, capable of dropping from the sky and converging on a large area destroying anything in their path. The Gnomes assault from multiple sides and in multiple manners, all ready to give their lives for the cause of LOTMU Hunting. One can never be properly prepared for a gnomish assault of this magnitude."
Which brings me to my next point kids. Don't smoke crack.


For those of you that don't know, the RIAA is the Recording Industry Association of America. They are the people that are trying to shut down your use of MP3s and your ability to burn and copy cds, even ones you legally own. They are trying to have a bill passed that would allow them to hack sites and people that distribute MP3s, something that is currently illegal. Looks like they should worry more about themselves getting hacked first.

More Gnome uprisings.



Get your Invader Zim music here.


Anyone wanting to make an artificial muscle?

Rob, You're religion kicks butt. Keep up the good work.
A good name for it would be Sternalism!!

What are your thoughts on this?

Spiderman here we come!

Alright, I'm thinking up my religion and I believe it can be a pretty good one. My religion won't deal with the little intricacies like who said what and when, it will deal with some basic morals/life principles. That way, people can follow it and combine it with the ideas of their own religion with little conflict. I'm not going to discuss any creation details, as we all know what kind of arguments that can cause:) I'm also not going to really talk about any deity or God whatsoever, that way it can be decided on by the individual. The first basic concept and probably the most important one is that everything you do causes reactions and consequences. Kinda like Newton's law, every action you take has reactions, but this applies to how you treat people and the way you act. If you do bad things to people, things must balance out equally and bad things will happen to you to reach that equilibrium. If you treat people well, good things will come to you to reach an equilibrium. Its the old "treat others how you want to be treated" idea. Things don't have to come immediately, but they always will, in one shape or form. This is somewhat like Karma in the Eastern religions, only it doesn't imply reincarnation or an afterlife, this is effects on the person in their natural life. The second major concept builds off of this one. As the universe grows in size and age, at some time in the future, it will eventually die and be reborn. This cycle, much like how the phoenix is reborn, will continue on for all eternity. This means, that the mistakes you make now, will be repeated over until the end of time. This doesn't just apply to mistakes, the bad things you did to people and their subsequent results will forever take place over and over again. However, this also means that the good things you did for people and their results will forever be repeated. Thats pretty much what I've come up with so far, if you have questions, ask me and I can think of more details for it, its only in an infantile form as it is anyway:) Oh yeah, I need a name, Bill suggested Robism...any other ideas, or is that one good?

Wake from your sleep
The drying of your tears
Today we escape, we escape

Pack and get dressed
Before your father hears us
Before all hell breaks loose

Breathe, keep breathing
Don't lose your nerve
Breathe, keep breathing
I can't do this alone

Sing us a song
A song to keep us warm
There's such a chill, such a chill

And you can laugh a spineless laugh
We hope your rules and wisdom choke you

And now we are one
In everlasting peace

We hope that you choke, that you choke
We hope that you choke, that you choke
We hope that you choke, that you choke

Song by Radiohead called Exit Music(For a Film), originally made for the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack, more info here:)

As a few of you know, I got bored last night and became an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. I still have to make up my own religion though. Until then, free marriages for everyone!

Plenty of links on Gnome uprisings and liberations here, here, and here.

It works, Muhahahahhahahahahahahaha, Welcome Boys and Girls, Kids and Monkeys, to Rob's Blogger of the Army of Gnomes. If you want to be able to post, email or message me.


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