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HIV virus may aid in heart transplants. Kinda interesting how it works too. "The virus, which causes Aids, is dangerous precisely because it has the great ability to integrate its own genetic material into that of ordinary non-dividing cells." People were always saying that it was a manufactured virus, I wonder if thats possible?

Who owns what? Like I've said before, there are only a few companies out there that own all the others, look at Time Warner for example. Hell, Kellogs owns Pillsbury. Pillsbury owns Haagen-Daz Ice Cream, El Paso Tacos, Guinness, Burger King and obviously more. Pepsi owns/is "partnered" with Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, and I assume Long John Silvers and A&W Rootbeer due to their couplings at restaurants. Cadbury, whom appears to be owned by Hershey, who may soon be owned by Nestle, owns Shweppes Ginger Ale, Dr. Pepper, and 7-Up. This is ridiculous. I don't even want to get into how Microsoft wants to buy Rare, a videogame company. Disney owns ESPN?? WTF??

14,878 people won the New York Lottery pick 3 last night. The numbers? 9-1-1. I think this goes towards my theory that if enough people want something or are thinking something, they can influence it to happen. Think about the shear amount of people thinking about that number yesterday and it doesn't seem that farfetched to manipulate 3 small ping pong balls just by thought alone. Don't believe me? View the video of the drawing:)

Soda or pop?
Plus a survey on it.


So if I
decide to waiver my
chance to be one of
the hive

Would I
choose water over wine
and hold my own and drive?

"When I heard there was a terror attack downtown, I hoped the situation would degenerate into urban guerrilla warfare. I was really psyched to go out and kick some Islamist ass."

"In covering the first anniversary of September 11, network and cable news organizations are preparing a hybrid of P. T. Barnum and Oprah. This is the "quantity equals quality" approach, enormous spectacle performed under the premise that emotional healing is best done at excruciating length while observed by tens of millions. Fox News has planned a two-hour special, 9-11: The Day America Changed. NBC is expanding The Today Show to six hours of Katie and Matt looking concerned. The Discovery Channel has already begun airing a 14-hour series, Faces of 9/11. CNN is gearing up for 15 uninterrupted hours of coverage, utilizing 25 correspondents around the globe -- this on top of the two-part documentary, America Remembers, which aired in August. Even The Food Network and Home and Garden Television--cable channels that have absolutely no news programming whatsoever--plan to run memorial specials, as yet unspecified (something tasteful, no doubt, like Emeril Live from Ground Zero)."

Earth's third, yes third, moon has been discovered?!?


I'm l33t yo

I promptly had a seizure after viewing this

Reminds me of a cartoon

Its a weasel. Or its a rat running around a football field, either way, its funny.

Freaking cool.

Man wants to travel through the earth from arctic to antartic. "Thompson still needs another $15 grand to pay for the "hole" experience, which he says will include a side trip to a "crystal city" under the Earth and encounters with real-life dinosaurs."

What would you do with 50lbs of silly putty?

Our generation.

Mr. Rogers the pervert.

Code Orange

Man has seizure. Woman sues man because of the look on his face while he has seizure. Woman wins lawsuit. America climbs up one more rung on the ladder of stupidity.

Maybe burglars should always be greeted with a crowbar.


You can now buy Army of Gnomes stuff. So far I have a clock done, I'm working on other things now.

Gnomes even turn up

Possible evidence for one of the aspects of my theory.

Yeaarrrrr, September 19 be talk like a pirate day. Shiver me timbers mates. Here be music for all ye pirates.

The Army of Gnomes masses for an attack:-P


Wow, a mirror of Google, literally. Its called Elgoog and it lets you bypass Bess, or any other proxy/firewall that doesn't allow you to search for certain things. It has the words all backwards, you can read it with a mirror. You even type in the search backwards:)

This moron decided to put Armour-All all over his tires, including on the threads. He then got into an accident with a tree . He is asking if the Armour-All might of had a contribution to the crash. "Dude man, my car looks hella cool with those jet black tires and that tree as a hood ornament!"

For Jake, learn logic from Beavis and Butthead.

He wants to freefall at supersonic speeds.

Audiogalaxy is back, though now its called Rhapsody. Free until 9/15/02, hurry up and download!:) Update: Rhapsody is streaming only, screw that, you can't even download any mp3s off the thing.

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