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Soilent green is people! And what tasty people they are.


Forbes Fictional Fifteen Richest People. People like Monty Burns and Richie Rich:)

"Even U.S. lawmakers who support authorization of use of force, said they do not like the last line of the draft resolution, which says that "force" should be used against the threat posed by Iraq, and restore international peace and security in the region."
Note to all of you, that line will be VERY important if it isn't changed. Region could mean any country in the Middle East. Next thing you know we may be bombing Syria.


n : a person who professes beliefs and opinions that they do not hold

"We strongly condemn terror, we strongly condemn violence," Bush said. "And we continue to send our message to the good people in that region that if you are interested in peace and if you want people to grow up in a peaceful world, all should do everything they can to reject and stop violence."

Hahaha, If I type in "Sbs Thayer", my mom's business that I made a webpage for, my webpage I made in Engineering last year actually comes up before it does in the hits:) Travel back in time and look at my older page. Yes, I drew everything on there except the gnome:)

This guy fights back against the spammers. Give'em a taste of their own medicine.

Vote John Cusack for President. Alright, well, maybe not, although he can't be worse than most the candidates we get these days:)

Palestinian suicide bomber kills 5 in Israel. Israel lays siege upon Arafat's compound in return.

"President Bush warned on Thursday the U.N. Security Council must deal with Iraq or the United States and its allies would act alone as Iraq accused Washington of lying to gain control of Middle East oil." Going to war in *cough*October*cough*.

Scooter + Chainsaw motor = Weee

Oh ads talking to us like in Minority Report only we will be the only ones that can hear them. Sounds like a good way to cause insanity in people, with voices only they can hear telling them to buy Cheerios or else.

"The United States intelligence community was told in 1998 that Arab terrorists were planning to fly a bomb-laden plane into the World Trade Center, but the F.B.I. and the Federal Aviation Administration did not take the threat seriously, a Congressional investigation into the Sept. 11 attacks has found." and more

Yarrrgh, today be Talk Like a Pirate day. Find out your pirate name. I be Captain Roger Kidd. "Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!"

Type "Go to hell" in Google and what do you find?

80 year old woman beats the crap out of a robber


If anyone takes offense to me complaining about the current state of affairs with Iraq, I have a father in the National Guard and a good friend in the marines that is likely to be sent out if we start fighting. My concern is for them. If my father gets deployed, I will also have no house, so :-P, let me rant. My goal someday is to create the ultimate weapon to end war. Sort of how the nuclear bomb somewhat ended the possibility for certain wars. Russia and America both knew if one fired nukes, the other would and the entire world would most likely be destroyed, hence, no war:) My ideas involve removing soldiers from the battlefield and replacing them with robots, much like aircrafts are being replaced with drones.

"Iraq might have a Scud rocket or two hidden away with which to attack Israel, for example. That could draw Israel into any fighting." Does it bother anyone else that a country that is renowned for not taking any crap that has nuclear weapons is in the firing range of a country that is renowned for causing trouble?

At least I'm not crazy, even the news agrees with me somewhat. "Just as US President George W Bush thought he had Saddam cornered, the master tactician has suddenly and unexpectedly agreed to allow United Nations weapons inspectors back into Iraq.

Huh? "Paralysed Reeve blames Bush and Catholic church for his plight"

"Bush administration is moving quickly to get domestic backing for a possible US attack on Iraq, despite Baghdad's offer to let weapons inspectors back in."

Microwaves are bad for us? There goes half the food in my fridge. On a somewhat related note, heres fun stuff to put in the microwave. Please note that most of it wasn't intended for a microwave, which makes it all the more fun;)

You should be as disturbed about this as I was(PS: Its not what you think it is, trust me)

It's a party and you're all invited!

Whoa whoa whoa, where do you think you're going there Russia? We can do it, but you can't!

"We have no real idea what our government is doing right now, at this moment, as you read this. And we find this enormously reassuring."


Round and round we go, when will we stop? Not today

Parody of why we must invade Iraq.

Woman runs into cow with car, sues because there aren't signs saying not to run into cows.

I will be objective, unlike the moron reporters mentioned earlier. At least three, but possibly four(as we are told) commercial jets are hijacked. Two hit the two buildings of the world trade center. One crashes in Pennsylvania, and one hits the pentagon. The one in the Pentagon is under intense speculation because of the width of the hole in the building and the fact that the plane reported to hit it disappears off radar for most of the trip. Another thing I notice is that it hits an area of the Pentagon that it empty, a newly constructed part. All the flights, from what I've read, were also fairly empty, with about 1/3 of the amount of people that would normally be in them. We also conveniantly find "How to Fly a Plane" manuals and basically a plethora of evidence(those of you that have seen Minority Report know what I'm talking about). Not jumping to conclusions yet. Bush has been reported to fake pictures of where he was on that day. After that, we need a country to blame. You can't just say you're going to fight terrorism. You need to associate terrorism with something. We choose Afghanistan. Afghanistan, a country we have worried about being in control of "our" oil. "'The Americans are unhappy about the prospect of a radical Muslim state controlling a proposed £1.2 billion gas pipeline through Afghanistan from Turkmenistan. ' Telegraph 16th August 1998" And more recently, on Sept 11, actually, "'..the US - and several countries in the region - are also keen to commercially exploit the vast oil and gas reserves in Central Asia, and believe that Afghanistan holds the key. Several countries are exploring the idea of building a pipeline from Central Asia across Afghanistan to Pakistan and beyond - something that would be impossible without a stable Afghanistan. ' - BBC 11th September 2001" And of course now that we have eliminated the Taliban, who were the whole problem with the oil deal, they are free to actually build it. Well, now that we have a pipeline to deliver oil, we need oil to put in the thing, don't we? So, now comes Iraq. Bush really seems to want to go to war with Iraq. We attempt to have weapons inspectors go over there to look for weapons, perhaps because we know they have something to hide, knowing that they will refuse. This allows us a reason why we "have" to go fight Iraq, because they are not complying. "Bush to issue demand for inspectors in Iraq. Refusal may mean a military invasion" So, Iraq, argues back and forth with us about it. Then something perhaps unexpected happens. Iraq allows unconditionally the return of weapon's inspectors. Bush now needs another reason to go to war with Iraq, so in the meantime he says the world "must not be fooled by an Iraqi offer to allow the return of U.N. weapons inspectors" Now to get subjective. I believe that Bush will go to whatever extent possible to go to war with Iraq so that the US will have more control of the oil in Iraq through the control of the pipeline in Afghanistan. Seeing how incapable he appears to be at many of the things hes doing, such as the possible forged pictures, I just hope he doesn't drag us all into something that results in more casualties or worse. Sorry about the rant, had to get it out of my system:)

More conspiracy stuff.

Who better to stop terrorists than the country known for mounties, hockey, and "aboot".


Nukes in Iraq?

More on the Hollow Earth Theory previously mentioned. Even the Germans thought it was there. Kinda wonder how it still holds up if they can't find the massive holes at the icecaps.

Reporters are morons. Thankfully, I get all my info off the internet, so its gotta be true;-)

Hahaha, gargoyles, hahaha


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