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Possibilities for the duel between Bush and Hussein:)

Google Ascii Art

Nooo, they already took Infoseek from me, not Google too!! Eh, they'll probably fix the problem and everything will be ok, otherwise, I'll begin using Teoma:)

"Italy Families Becoming the Simpsons, Experts Warn" Che? Piu ragioni per me visitare Italia;)

Super Goop! They want to use it in robots..but what happens if you hold a fridge magnet up to the thing? It'd turn to solid and fall over.

"Imagine a CD with a storage capacity not of 650 MB but 650 million MB. Such a storage capacity is theoretically possible because of experiments using individual atoms to store data. In 1959, physicist Richard Feynman pointed out that all the words written in the history of the world could be contained in a cube of material one tenth of a millimetre wide - provided those words were written with atoms." Woohoo, then I could finally download the internet like I've always wanted to.

Some of you may have seen this game, but oh well, its fun anyway. Keep the ball in the air for as long as possible.

For those of you that haven't seen this.

Five Simple Ways to Ruin the World "Imagine a world where we can't even try to shoot the damn dog in "Duck Hunt." Are you done imagining? Good, because that's a horrible thing to spend a long time imagining."

Why was Snoop Dog in a Muppet Movie to begin with??

Googlefight! Type in two words, whichever has the most results wins. Von vs Rob? Von wins. Rob vs Jake? Rob wins:-P Monkey vs Gnome?? Gnome wins...Woohoo, go gnomes, defend against that evil monkey menace.

Higher gravity in New Zealand than other parts of the world.


Trying to use machines to do things that people are supposed to do. Not doing a very good job either, they're getting people in trouble for having school reports and stuff up.

180 mph??? Weird looking, although it gets 180 miles range too.

Pez juice??? Pics here. I have the caterpillar in the picture from Von's birthday:)


Unable to admit they were wrong about not seeing a doctor, they try to resurrect the poor girl. (Not to give the ending away or anything, but it obviously doesn't happen.)

"I GREW HEMP" and other weird sayings found on dollars.

Pistols at noon. Sounds good to me, good way to take all the idiots out at once:) If you think about it, if they are both willing to send thousands of people to war, shouldn't they themselves be prepared to die and in fact take that option over killing hundreds or even thousands?

Vote for the blue guy???

Update: Picture of the blue guy:)

This is supposed to be the world's funniest joke.

Another addicting game.

How long can you hold it?

The Simpsons, soon to be in trilogy form.


Fly my pretties, fly!!! *Cackles Wickedly* Sugar gliders are the flying monkey/rat/gremlin things that Von has for pets. Note to people buying sugar gliders: Don't feed after midnight and don't allow to get wet

Quiz Time! I got a 14, although that may be partially because I didn't really have an answer to half of the questions:)

This guy was dumb enough to get caught after he took someone else's car he was supposed to be repairing for a joy ride.

Spoof on Microsoft putting ads into its blue screens of death:)

Am I on one?(only Jake will get that) Thats a strange looking cat. Here kitty kitty kitty. AHHHHHHHHHH


Bling bling dawg. This better be a joke, thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Ouch. Luckily she's ok.

New Red Hat Linux looks pretty cool. If I can get a spare computer maybe I'll try running it.
Update: Mirrors to download it.

Followup, blondes aren't going extinct unless they pull off some Darwin Awards.

"Better cell phone reception through God"


Lets screw with Babelfish, an online translator, so I can show how bad it really is. We'll start with the line "The red monkey climbed up the brown tree quickly." and switch it to Italian. We get "La scimmia rossa si ¨¨ arrampicata rapidamente sull'albero marrone." Sounds ok so far, so now back to English. We get "The red monkey has quickly scrambled up on the tree brown." Hmm. Now on to German from this line. "Der rote Affe hat schnell durcheinandergemischtes oben auf dem Baumbraun." What the heck is durcheinandergemischtes!!!??!!! From German directly to French. "Le singe rouge a rapidement durcheinandergemischtes en haut sur cela brun." Back to English. "The red monkey quickly has durcheinandergemischtes in top on that brown." Haha, that German word just won't go away will it:). On top that brown? Haha. Ok, lets switch it to Japanese and REALLY screw it up:) "³à¤¤Ô³¤Ë¤½¤ì¤ÎÉϤǤ¹¤°¤Ëdurcheinandergemischtes ¤¬²èÉ«¤¢¤ë" Doubt that shows right on your comps (you need Japanese encoding) but oh well, now back to English. "In the red monkey immediately the durcheinandergemischtes is a brown the on that" Hahaha, alright, I could keep going, but it'd just get worse:) At least whisper down the lane is usually in complete sentences or phrases and doesn't have random 80 letter German words in the middle of it:)

Ok guys, when we come to attack you, make sure you don't use your biological or chemical weapons against us, ok? Yeah, I'm sure they'll just go right along with that as long as in return, we use spoons and jello instead of guns.

Man attempts to get a free cruise by rappelling down a bridge. Lands in Police boat instead. "They were just waiting for him at the bottom"

Memory tricks/tips for you forgetful types. I like the "Memory Palace" the best.

Spoof of the Tilley Foundation who took a Delorean and claims to have made it run for hundreds of miles on batteries without recharge. They were doing a test and a bearing of the Delorean broke, not allowing it to finish and putting up a lot of criticism.

Ewww, slime

I have a nomination for a Darwin Award!

The US has comitted terrorist crimes? For those of you too lazy to read that it says, "In 1986, the United States was found guilty by the World Court of “unlawful use of violence” (international terrorism) for its actions in Nicaragua. The United States then promptly vetoed a Security Council resolution calling on all states to adhere to international law."(US Terrorism) For those of you that think that page is a bad source, "1984: The CIA mines Nicaragua's harbors in a covert operation. Both US enemies and allies condemn the action. Nicaragua sues the US in the World Court, and in June 1986 the Court finds the US guilty of violating international law" is a part from Thinkquest. Big thing on oil, with sources:).


Ice Age 2 and I don't mean the movie.

No more blondes??

Russian space effort runs out of cash. In other news, Russia will now go up for sale on Ebay. ;)

This guy has major problems.

Fine, nobody wants to download your music anyway:-P "Yes, my friends, the artists are hurting badly. It is estimated that many of them will only make $100 million or so this year. They are starving and will soon be homeless. Eminem moving back to Detroit with his mother. Britney Spears moving into a car. And Elton living in the trailer...Here is how you can help: Just be willing to pay $20 for a CD that should sell for $7 and you can make for $4" Don't they make most of their money from ad sponsership, concerts, and their little movie roles in which they pretend they can act?:) The record labels get most of the money from cds anyway and they get more popularity over people actually listening to their songs for free then they do from just putting a bunch of cds in the store. I never would of heard of half the bands I listen to if I couldn't download them.

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