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Akira to be a live action film.


In Fahrenheit 451 sucides are very common, like 10 or so a night. Which makes you wonder how the population goes on. In real life, about 800,000 people die each year worldwide from suicide. An interesting note is that Europe has double the suicide rate for the US while the US has double the homicide rate of Europe.

"The U.S. House of Representatives has approved (296-133) a resolution authorizing President Bush to use military force against Iraq." Oh goody. Thank you Mr. George "Strategery" Bush. Now we can all see if this can get screwed up royally. Maybe gas will go to $10 a gallon and we can finally get electric cars.

Tree kills treehugger

White House Exaggerating Iraqi Threat. Duh.

Jake, we need to get these. Here's an article on them.

Cool Lego sculptures based off Escher's works. If you don't get one, I can explain it, just remember, its all in the angles.


Bad way to help with support for alternative fuels, fining the people that use them.

I give you A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace. Basically like the American Declaration of Independence only for the internet:) Kind of hopes for the opposite of the ignorant world of Fahrenheit 451, where discussion and philosophy are discouraged.

How many of you miss Audiogalaxy? Guess what, I found where it moved to. No, not that lame thing at the old site, turns out they moved to Poland. The program is now called Mediaseek and its up and running:) And yes, they have LOTS of Ska-P!!

Ebay is funny. Even funnier.

Curry(more specifically, turmeric, a spice in it) thought to help against cancer. Also might help heal wounds.

Magazines that will hopefully never be. I think the John Travolta one is funny, but you won't get it unless you know he's a member of this cult(info on why its a cult here. Jake will like the Natalie Portman "so you want to be a 'cleaner' " one:)

Californians think spider webs are UFO's. Silly Californians.

Buy the book where rob got the exerpts for Kamikaze stuff. INSANITY NOW

Mysterious fireballs still appearing.


Kamikaze stuff for Jake. Heres a short summary over at BBC.

Spoof on Babelfish doing a American to Canadian translation. "'I moved to the United States earlier this year, and I was struggling with the language,' said Kevin McCoullough, from Toronto. 'I couldn't even buy a Slurpee without using grand gestures, and sounding out American phrases phonetically. Each time I worried about offending the American clerk, and getting short-changed or perhaps even shot. With Babelfish, I can now function within American society.'"

Kid misses bus to mountain bike competition 120 km away so he rides there on his own. After 4 hours he gets there but his competition has already taken place. "But we all know that he is a very determined character and I must say somewhat insane to have undertaken that journey."

Washington DC gets its own "State" quarter. "Besides the District, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands would each get a coin under the House bill."

Father buckles up his beer...leaves son unbuckled in the back.


Childhood stories ruined once more. Maybe not, although Austin Powers 3 wasn't exactly my idea of a great movie...:)

Quote from Never Trust a Monkey

"Oh my god. This is just too perfect:

Republican candidates are beating the war drums just as support for invading Iraq is dissipating. Whereas a Gallup Poll last November revealed 74 percent in favor of a ground invasion of Iraq and 20 percent opposed, this August the percentage of those in favor plummeted to 53, with 41 percent opposed -- roughly the same margin that existed before September 11.

Moreover, the profile of those who favor war versus those who oppose it increasingly resembles the electoral breakdown of the mid-1990s. The opponents are disproportionately women, minorities, senior citizens, the college-educated and residents of the Northeast, Midwest and Far West. The administration's core supporters are rural, white, male, southern Republicans without a college diploma.

No f***ing kidding. Uneducated Southern people are for an invasion?? No way!


College graduates have sometimes been the most supportive of going to war. In a November 2001 Washington Post poll, 73 percent of college graduates, compared with 71 percent of all respondents, favored sending a "significant number of ground troops into Afghanistan." And in a Gallup Poll in June, they favored invasion by 53 percent to 44 percent. But in August, as the Bush administration's intentions became clearer, they opposed it by 47 percent to 44 percent.

Who would of thought that the rednecks wanted a war? *Hums Dixieland*

You can use laser pens to take out survelliance cameras. Heres the how-to.

Exchange emails through handshake. Coolest. Thing. Ever.

Lioness adopts baby antelope. Other lions call her a wussy.

New "planet" in the solar system found. Its called Quaoar.I thought they had a Planet X for years before this? I'm just wondering if it won't turn out to be fake:)

Guess what ranks in America's Worst Phone Services? Yup, Voicestream, now known as T-Mobile(1,466 complaints about the company in the past year, giving it one of the worst complaint rates in the industry). That explains why I've been getting busy signals everytime I call Jake. "VoiceStream, for example, offers the cheapest prices of any carrier — but has one of the worst complaint records in the industry. The FCC has received 1,443 complaints about the company, which amounts to one for every 55,000 subscribers. A key problem is that the company has a notoriously weak network."

Lyrics to the Song that never ends...dang, it ends on about the 10th page of lyrics.

These people are selling real estate on the moon...uhh...and they're insane too.


Exploding Whale

How to talk to your kids about Fascism...should be a lovely segway into that trip to Disney World, which we all know is run by that evil fascist mouse:)

Elevator into space. 3005th floor please?

Get a map of your genes on cd for $500,000

The History of War

Man robbed a bank through the drivethrough.

Moon Cities?

Yearrghh, VCD pirates take to the high seas to avoid detection.

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