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Halloween myths. My favorite, "Don't get close to groups of teenagers. They capture children, mummify them in toilet paper and set them on fire."

Pumpkin Cannon

Music reversals. "If there was a top 40 of backmasked songs, then "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin would be at the top. This song contains many backward messages. Here is one of them that occurs right at the very end of the song.. It says: "Play backwards. Hear words sung." The curious thing, however, is that there are no superimposed soundtracks on this song and the backward phrase is formed purely by the way the words were sung at the time the recording was made."

What would you consider suitable revenge against AOL for all those dang cds they send? How about 1 million of them put on their doorstep?

Hahahahahahah. A headband similar to those worn by tennis players is somehow supposed to protect you in a car accident."We put the headband on an instrument, a head form simulating a human head, and fired it at a steel beam to simulate an impact with the pillars of the car alongside the windscreen or alongside the head on the side of the car" Whew, next time I'm going to have a steel beam shot at my head, I'll be sure to wear a headband. :-P


Mountain Dew Can Shotgun. Enough said. And if that isn't, heres a quote: "This "Street Sweeper" style shotgun IS considered a "Deadly Weapon" by the ATF and therefore falls under the required registration process as just any other "Street Sweeper" style shotgun would be. Due to the extremely high velocity to which each can be fired there is the ever present danger of death or dismemberment due to faulty handling. Although an owner's manual and operating instructions are included is highly recommended to practice fire this weapon OUTDOORS before launching these deadly Mountain Dew cans at your friends at your next party or get together. "

Recipe guaranteed to induce labor.

Holy crap. 14ft wingspan!?! Could this be one of the thunderbirds of lore?

"When moving outside, walk briskly in a zigzag pattern." Idiots:)

You guys really should boycott TV like I did and just download shows/movies to watch. No commercials, no watching boring stuff, easy to rewind/fast forward. I don't even have to watch as the news agencies flounder to find something good to show after they've talked about the sniper for 5 hours and someones pet cat having a birthday. I have only ever seen ONE of these stupid commercials and that was a long time ago, I didn't even know they had more with this guy in them. Oh god, he has a fan club??? "hi my name is Kala and im gonna marry Steve. Cuz him and i are meant to be so all u chicks who like have this huge crush on him back off barbies cuz steve and i are meant to be and he only wants me ." What is wrong with people?:-P

Who would you vote for, Saddam or Saddam? "This is a unique manifestation of democracy that is superior to all other forms of democracies, even in those countries that are besieging Iraq" Yeah, I like a country where I don't need to even pick a leader, I just vote "yes" or get shot...I mean vote "no".

Remember how upset America was after the attacks on 9/11? Australia is just as effected by the attacks on Bali as seen here(scroll down a bit) and yet US journalism hardly covers it. Does that mean we're being selfish and not caring about other countries, or do you think its because of that damn sniper?


My skycar better come out soon so I can use it to collect bounties like in Cowboy Bebop. "The M400 Skycar can cruise comfortably at 350+ MPH and achieve over 25 per gallon." It also has vertical takeoff and landing. The only problem is that when it comes out, it will start at around $1 Million. It will go down eventually, but by how much?


I never got my powerglove for my Nintendo back in the day. Now hopefully I'll get one of these.

Mmmm, surround sound music.

4 in 10 Americans support annexing Canada. "Sands said he was somewhat puzzled by the "high minority" of Americans who said Canada should be annexed. However, he speculated the responses were an indication of goodwill and welcome towards Canadians should the government ever decide on its own that it wants to join the United States." Yeah, thats it, decide on "its own". Silly Canadians. The real reason is that everyone thinks they'd be real easy to take over. Plus then Alaska wouldn't be so disconnected from the rest of the US. The only problem is what to do with millions of people with the "aboot" and "oot" accents.

This moron needs to be caught. Shooting women in the head is not something to be proud of. The reward on him is $500,000. Maybe we can go down there and do some bounty hunting. What do they do if there is other guys that are riding on the tail of the first sniper thinking that all the blame for his killing will go to the other guy? There was a van found with weapons and a tarot card, but they think that is just a set up, probably to place the blame on Islamics (it had something about Jihad in it as well).

"Three of the nation's top retailers, including Wal Mart, on Monday said they had refused to carry a new video game billed as the first major release to feature full-action nudity and with prostitutes and pimps as major characters" Haha, the games motto is "We're going to hell for this and you're all coming with us."

Duct tape removes warts. Apparently it CAN be used for anything:)


More Babelfish fun. This translates it between 5 different languages for you and then puts it back into English to see the results. Example: "The old man sat on the bench." becomes "They based to the old man on the series." Yeah...thats pretty cracked out.

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