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Tank wars. Jake will never get work done again.

Why is there a dang floating marijauna leaf, isn't this supposed to be an anti-drug thing??? Looks like subliminal messaging if you ask me.

Look, crazy Area 51 pics. Maybe now I can get to meet the men in black! Or get shot...or star in my own sitcom, or something...whatever the crazy government does for looking at photos of secret type stuff.

I'll pretend this ISN'T a comic that has 1.)"All your base are belong to us" 2.) Domo-kun 3.)Some dude named Vindibudd

Yarghh, Blogger been hacked then (yes, that means us)

Microsoft attempts to takeover New York with its corporate propaganda

Minigolf. Yes Jake, more addicting games for you, I know you hate me.

Man shot by his dog. "The puppy knew something was very wrong when Murray dropped to the ground with blood spurting from his ankle. "Sonny just laid by my side," Murray said. "He knew something was bad."" This close to being a Darwin Award.


Dang thieving birds. First they steal our children, then our quarters.


"If you sent two people to Mars, one of them would die," says Marco Durante of the Federico II University in Naples, who has studied the health effects of radiation in Mir astronauts for ESA." That sucks...need to think of a better way to shield against radiation. Lead works, but is obviously too heavy to be practical. Maybe some sort of electromagnetic field to deflect would sort of work as a television does to reflect the electron beam, no?

Need help with works cited? This may be of some assistance. It generates them for you...just for examples of course....;)

Yes, people are following the stupid advice I showed earlier. Might as well buy Kevlar vests to go to Mc Donalds. Ha "Note: This body armor will not stop the .223 bullet that the Beltway Sniper uses, but it will increase your chances of survival if hit."

Chicken Vampire with Kangaroo Head Terrorizes Farmers. Lovely, I don't even have to make these things up.

New tv show, basically, "Who Wants to Die on Mt. Everest?" One more reason why I've boycotted tv.

I want one. "Sony has released this all in one media device that can play mp3's, wma's, cd's, and DVD's... yes, DVD's. It can be hooked up to your computer, and be used as a CD-RW and then hooked up to your TV, and play your favorite DVD's." From Slashdot.

Very interesting. People on the internet discover the identity of a bomber before the real police do.


Interesting profile of the sniper. Seems to support my "angry redneck" theory:)

I kid you not, this is the list of things to avoid being a target of the sniper:
Advice from sniper experts on how to avoid becoming a target:
Shop and buy gas in dark, out-of-the-way places
If you are traveling in open spaces, especially those surrounded by woods or rolling terrain, keep moving
When you're out for a walk or jog, Quiet, country roads may be safer than high-traffic, "target rich" areas
Be extra aware if you are standing in an area where you are visible from more than 80 to 100 yards away -- such as a brightly lit gas station

Anyone else notice that this opens you up for a lot of other types of crime??? Shop and buy gas in dark places? Jog alone? They want everyone to get robbed instead?

Coolest camera ever. Reminds me of the one in Eraser that everyone said wasn't possible

Nice guys finish last. I'd like to think that wasn't true, but a lot of the time it looks like it is.

A test to see which religion you are.
Mine told me I am:
#1: Neo-Pagan (100)
#2: Theravada Buddhist (99)
#3: Unitarian Universalist (96)
#4: Mahayana Buddhist (95)
Very interesting stuff reading about some of them. A lot of it applies from the first, which includes some Universal Eclectic Wiccan beliefs(not sure if its the same for the other orders) like the Law of Return and the Ethic of Self-Responsibility. The Rede is good too. But a few points I agree with in Buddhism as well. Like that there is no main deity. Kinda cool:)
Also, Harry Potter tests
I am:
#1 Professor Alastor Moody
#2 Rubeus Hagrid
#3 Professor Albus Dumbledore
#4 Hermione Granger
#5 Professor Remus Lupin
I only know three of those characters and the first one isn't one of them:) Oh well.

Clothing to detect things for the army?

""Son of Sam" fiend David Berkowitz says he, too, is being victimized by the Psycho Sniper, at least emotionally." Yes, I'm sure you and your friend, the 3,000 year old dog Harvey, are suffering tremendously.

Told you they didn't catch him yet.

More games.


It's a joke, get it?

New X-box(yes, its evil) game. It costs $200 and comes with a special 40 button controller that is required to play it. The sad thing is the game actually sounds cool.

"Gangs of nocturnal thieves are stalking whole neighbourhoods in northern Germany's towns and cities."

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