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Insane. An amphibious motorcycle.


Ack, more squirrel attacks. The little buggers are relentless, they must have a vendetta against us for all the ones we kill on the road. Maybe if they didn't try to play chicken with something that weighs 2 tons and is made of metal....

Exploding razors? Which leads me to my next point. If you find personal hygiene products in McDonalds restrooms, or any restroom for that matter, leave it alone.

Ahhhh, evil squirrels! "Two-year-old Kelsi was attacked as she took a morning stroll with her mother. She stopped to admire the squirrel before it pounced on her face and sank its teeth into her forehead."

Cool, insane caldendar lets you choose ANY date and shows holidays.

Talk to Alice. She's a bot, see if you can get her to slip up.

Wee, bubonic plague.

Police in standoff with a dog

Woohoo, anime channel on tv!

Leonid meteor showers are supposed to be the best in 33 years this year. They start November 19th. Watch them with someone that cares about you.


Have a look see at some insane ASCII drawn cartoons. What some people do with there free time.

"Gamers will often say `I am God,' which was on the card,'' Walsh said."" Sooo freaking stupid. People that shoot people are screwed up in the head. Blaming it on video games is stupid. Blame it on the people that COMMIT the crime. Unless they want to imply that we ARE actually all mindless drones that listen to whatever is fed to us...

Holy crud(no pun intended) this pothole turned into a massive 70 foot sinkhole.

Sega + Nokia = crazy portable gaming system. Sounds like fun, heres a pic.


"NEWSPAPER STORY FROM THE YEAR 2004: ``A homeowner in Santa Rosa, Calif., was found shot to death in his kitchen Friday. Police said the man apparently was felled by 500 rounds of small-bore cannon fire, mostly in his ankles, indicating that this was the work of the gang of armed research cockroaches that escaped from a Berkeley lab. Police said the motive in the slaying was apparently a Ring Ding. In a related development, an escaped robot cockroach broke into an Oakland Wal-Mart and made off with an estimated 17,000 AA batteries.''"

Fling the cow

Wee, self healing tanks

"ROMEO and Juliet are being turned into garden gnomes for a new cartoon version of the play.
Disney's full-length movie about the world's most famous love story is to be renamed Juliet and Gnomeo.
Crazy fascists.

Stickfighting game

Coool, retro cds. Anyone got a spare $60,000??

More games.

Weee, java skiing

Me fifth element, supreme being. Me protect you.

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