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Pong: Now in radial form. In the beginning its real easy to cheat by just passing the ball to yourself really fast and missing it long as you were the last to hit it you get the point if he misses.

"One third of Britons believe that George W. Bush poses a greater threat to world peace than Saddam Hussein, according to a new poll." Ha, is it just me or have our presidents been a bunch of monkeys over the past couple of years? Ooh, wait, theres more. "The survey, commissioned for Channel 4 News on Thursday, also found that a similar number of Britons had no trust in President Bush whatsoever and almost half thought Prime Minister Tony Blair was behaving like his lapdog." Well, at least they are our ally. I'll give them that. They've been there for us more than any other country I can think of.

Lord of the very afraid...

Haha, a man with the same name as a Rolling Stone gets a letter from a lawyer to stop using his own name, Bill Wyman. See, the trouble is. The man that recieved the letter was born with the name in 1961. The Rolling Stone changed his name to Bill Wyman in 1963...

Maroon. Are you trying to ruin the rest of us playing the game and not going around stealing cars?

Can someone please explain what a counterfeit battery is and how it has a street value??

87 Gigabytes. Thats 87 movies, woohoo. I need one of those to store all my extra stuff. Somehow I've managed to fill up 130 Gigs of hard drive storage and about....100 cds of things. Would be more except I somehow killed my external 60 gig drive...probably should send that back under warranty soon.

Fastest. Chip. Ever. Still probably wouldn't account for the "Rob Factor", where I run a minimum of 10 browser Windows, 2 downloading programs, and burn a cd. All while watching a movie of course:-D I think I may need 4 parallel 30 Ghz processors with like 8 terabytes of ram and 4 monitors to keep myself occupied without having the computer blue screen 8 times.

Dang, talk about a flyby:)

Harry Potter 2 is online already. I'm checking to see if its real or not as we speak, although I still want to see it in the theater.

Word for the Day is fealty.

fealty \FEE-uhl-tee\, noun:
1. Fidelity to one's lord; the feudal obligation by which the tenant or vassal was bound to be faithful to his lord.
2. The oath by which this obligation was assumed.
3. Fidelity; allegiance; faithfulness.

Fealty comes from Old French fealté, from Latin fidelitas, "fidelity," from fidelis, "faithful," from fides, "faith," from fidere, "to trust."


New Army of Darkness game.

Super secret Spiderman 2 cast info. Yay Bruce Campbell as Lizard!!!

Update: Boo, no Bruce Campbell as Lizard:( I think he is still in it though...he better be.

Wee, ebooks. Now remember kids, some of these are still protected by copyright law, blah, blah, blah. The question is, if I have the hardcopy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in Italian, does that mean I can download the English version? Because I DO technically own the's just in a different language. This is one of the main problems with copyright/plagiarism I think. If someone takes a song in a different language and translates it and releases it as his that plagiarism? Because its not the same words, but it is the same idea. It even has Alice in Wonderland, which I think is one of the funniest books ever written...especially if you read it to your friends on a long car ride....and you read it with an English accent, pronouncing Dinah as Din-Nah instead of Die-Nah....not that I'd have experience with that or anything....

50 Places to Visit before you die. Thats a lot of places, need to take vacations every year or so at least.


New Game!

These are great. Various things that people may do in an argument, persuasion, etc.

Buy a periodic table of elements that includes all the elements, even radioactive ones:)

Funny Vice City review.

Video games raise IQ? Woohoo, I'm going to be a genius. *Goes back to playing Kingdom Hearts*

Memory game

Get a sky chart for your area.

Why the US should invade Canada. Fun stuff:)

Ouch. "The Complete Moron's Guide To Totaling a Mercedes In Under 8 Seconds"

Sound mirrors, with pictures and an updated model in planning.


History of anime:)

A quarter of a million troops? That's a lot of people.

You know those Lincoln/Kennedy coincidences? It turns out some are wrong.

What your coworkers call you behind your back

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