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Which photos are real and which are fake?

Ball lightning, plasma weapons, vortex rings...this has it all!

Eek, giant monster jellyfish!


Rap snacks. Enough said.

Millions of spiders spun a 60 acre web. It was actually Spiderman, honest. Haha, "Or maybe it was an effort collectively by these spiders to try and catch a sheep."

The communist star returns. Now they just need to replace their new flag with the old hammer and sickle...way cooler looking than a bunch of stripes:)

New Ebay toolbar.

Instead of turkey for Thanksgiving, how about trying camel?

What does everything around the world think about America? This.

Sweet, new inflatable surfboard! Now I don't need a roof rack for the summer:)

Oh goody, a private mission to the moon to dump a bunch of greeting cards and other crap up there...sounds like a productive venture..way better than actually using the moon for something important like colonies or such...:-P


Muhaha, my plan to record my life on a hard drive is finally being realized. Now we need ear signals to be intercepted and I'm set.

Wanna live in a Hobbit Hole?

Anomalies Unlimited. Lots of crazy things there.



Cell Phone + PDA = Weee

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