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The Michael Jackson Baby Drop Game.


A really cool wind invention that pulverizes things into powder.

Compact flash memory card comparison. Whats amazing is that the IBM Microdrives are actual little hard drives!


Snowcraft. Play it!

Finally. Tesla wanted wireless power almost 100 years ago. Only his was across the world....none of these lame little pads you place down...I have an electric razor that can charge like this through induction. I was going to make it so my robots could charge this way actually. Wonder if they realize that if you just wire the houses like a giant transformer then if you have the things just in the room it can be charged by induction....I've actually set it up so I can listen to music this way...wrap a coil around your room, and then get another coil for a speaker, put the large coil to the audio output and the little coil on the input of the speaker and poof, induction radio!

DUDE! I'll use this for my bounty hunting!! "More powerful than a pistol, more compact than a submachine gun, able to pierce 20 layers of Kevlar with a single round."

Ouch...thats a going overboard slightly I'd say...

Another guy that makes me want to be a bounty hunter...

"Man With No Hands, Legs Charged In Beating Death" Crazy people!

"They thought they were stealing pit bulls. These guys are idiots."


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