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Holy crap, Hungry Man Dinners = Instant Heart Attack. 1030 calories and 231% of the daily recommended value of cholesterol.

The 'Pocylpse?


The best way to destroy a hard drive.

Giant Robot Week on Cartoon Network.


Que Diablo?!?!?!?!

Cartoon Network Attack of the Clones shorts, drawn by the same guy that does Samurai Jack and Dexter's Lab.

9/11 suspect convicted of "in addition to 3,066 counts of accessory to murder, he was convicted of five counts of accessory to attempted murder and accessory to causing bodily injury." Only gets 15 years. Dang German court system:)


Yoshi's Boxx. This thing is a computer, Atari 2600, Gamecube, X-box, PS2, and more.


Minority Report type ads, where the ad is specifically catered to you, are on their way. As is a robot that can tell how attractive a girl is.

Robot Snakes are cool:)

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