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Haha, another great Photoshop contest:)

Finally, a way to make your own laptop.

Photoshop Contest: "Farker is considering sneaking out on to the roof and attaching a picture to his company's construction webcam. Photoshop a pic for him to use."


1.8 TB. Eh, I could fill it:)


New quiz! Quotes, you have to figure out if its by Ashcroft or McCarthy:) "Attorney General John Ashcroft has been sounding a lot like former Senator Joseph McCarthy, infamous for starting the "Red Scare" of the 1950's, finding communists at every turn, especially in people who disagreed with his witch hunt."

Humanoid two legged robots for sale soon:)

How to make a snow gun. Now I can turn my backyard into a ski slope!

Giant Cheeto T-Shirts now for sale on Ebay:)

New Communist Theme Park. Funny, I thought thats what Disney World was for?


Monster Cheeto Auction is back!

Mr. Rogers has died.


This is another great site to learn about just about everything:)

News Quakes. News for the lazy;)

Wanna learn something? Go here.


Celebrity Mugshots:) Especially funny is Bill Gates after a traffic violation.

More crazy Ebay auctions, this time for Strong Bad's burrito:)

Haha, bid on this Amazingly Huge Cheeto!

"Coca-Cola, which has had recent success with its line extension Vanilla Coke, said it will launch Sprite Remix, a new “tropical” version of its lemon-lime soft drink Sprite. PepsiCo said it will launch Mountain Dew LiveWire, a new orange-flavored Mountain Dew, to be available across the United States only through the summer."

Super Cheap Lindows Laptop. I want one of these to carry around and watch movies on:)

Super deadly newt. "It's hard to imagine this sweet-looking creature with the face of E.T. is 10,000 times more toxic than a slug of cyanide, but so it is."


Top 10 Simpson's Episodes. Goes by the funniest "sexual" jokes:)

Crazy Van Game

Uhhh...Not suitable for school/work flash ascii movie...although I'm not sure whats going on half the time in it.

Traffic Light Wars. "Out of sight, a war is raging... Secret cameras have allowed us for the first time to see the mighty Traffic Light Wars."

Smurf Name Generator. I got a boring, "Very Tall Smurf" :)

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