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"BRITISH troops had been told an invasion of Iraq would begin on March 17, with a huge bombing campaign being launched four days earlier, the Daily Express in London has reported."

Internet Book List. Kinda like the IMDB for books.

Crazy Beachball Game.


Some Very Odd Cars.

New color $20's. Looks like Monopoly money:-P

Really cool AIM faces.

Eep. Macaulay Culkin is scary too!

Second American Idol Contestant to be booted.


Average IQs by country:)

What the Heck happened to Doogie Houser!?!?

Pi scares me sometimes...well...maybe just the people that study it:)


Famous Hoax Photos.

Really crazy clock.

The Hyperdictionary. Every word in a definition is clickable for its definition as well.

Your name as a Chinese Character. Here and here are my name:)

Amazon Deals