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Myths and misconceptions about Iraq

Leprechauns Underappreciated. My kids are definitely going to be taught to set Leprachaun traps...that's a really cool idea:)

Internet Censorship Explorer. Enter an url and a country and see if the people in that country can get to the website.

Pentagon reports US ground forces have entered Iraq -via Fark

Huge explosions in of Baghdad, anti-aircraft fire 1:10pm EST -via Fark

US forces have invaded Iraq and are just one kilometre from the southern city of Basra, according to unconfirmed reports from the state news agency of Iran.

Yahoo's 'Breaking' Iraq News.

The United States has launched one of its biggest military assaults on Afghanistan since Operation Anaconda a year ago but insisted it was a "coincidence" that the offensive began on the same day as the attacks on Iraq.

Monica Lewinsky, the former presidential mistress who alternately runs from and toward celebrity, has signed to host Fox's next reality series, "Mr. Personality." I hate the words "New Reality TV Series".

Pentagon: Iraqis Set Oil Wells on Fire. "American troops in northern Kuwait have been ordered to be combat ready within the hour, as allied forces edge closer to a major assault on Iraq."

"CNN reporter witnesses at least 8 more missiles fired from Iraq into Kuwait. Info not on the net yet" - via Fark

Two Iraqi missiles hit Kuwait.

Sponsor an Iraqi guard, by ordering surrender flags for them.

Read the other perspective.


1/5 scale working Sherman Tank. With potato cannon.

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