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Fark Photoshop Contests. Photoshop San Francisco's finest on the job, Photoshop a Navy dolphin (which are real btw, we're using them to detect mines, which is pretty freaking cool. Don't worry, they don't get hurt, and get this "The Navy also works with sea lions, which have learned to attach leg restraints to human interlopers they detect."), and Photoshop John Ashcroft(aka the McCarthy wannabe) walking by a sign.

American Idol hopeful Trenyce has a rap sheet and it has nothing to do with music.

Weapons/equipment going to Iraq from Russia and Syria. Also, volunteers are going from Syria to help fight. And people want volunteers from Jordan and Saudi Arabia to be able to fight against coalition troops...couple that with the fact that most Muslims in the area are beginning to hate us, and this could be very interesting...


Alright, a dog got attacked by a shark in Australia and another dog went in and beat back the shark.

"2,600lb of wound elastic fails to bounce for TV cameras THE world's biggest rubber band ball has been dropped from an aeroplane a mile up to see if it would bounce when it landed - but things didn't go exactly according to plan. The ball, which weighed an incredible 2,600lb, was sent plunging to earth for a television show. Experts thought the ball would bounce hundreds of feet into the air. Instead, it created a massive crater when it crashed into the sun-baked earth of the Mojave Desert in Arizona at 400mph."

Soon we'll be issuing a braille quarter.


Even more info on that missile and another video:-D

And heres what happens to a tank hit by one of those missiles. Not a video, so it will load fine.

Really big rocket being launched by some Marines at Iraqis. Warning, its a video, so it may take a bit to load if you're on dialup.

Top 10 Digital Photography Tips. I especially like the flowing water tip.

Where are you on the speed pyramid.

64 year old woman defends her house from a burglar. Great quote: ""I went straight and got the .357 Magnum," she said. "I would have used a shotgun, but I had just had new countertops done and I didn't want to tear up the kitchen.""

Live video feeds from Iraq

Alright, even for an X-box, this thing is just damn cool.

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