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Attack of the squirrels!. Told you they were evil:-P

The crazy four-barrelled handgun from Blade Runner is real

New article about the invisibility cloak I mentioned awhile ago.


Helicopter Game. Very similar to something I've played before, but with a helicopter instead of a line.

Cool Flash Movie. More Flash Movies. Tonga!

ANOTHER American Idol Scandal, this time with Corey Clark. "Reality show finalist facing trial for battering teen sister." "For its part, Fox has adopted a blanket policy whereby network executives refuse comment "on the private lives of show participants." That's not a bad stance when you consider that this year's original 32 "American Idol" semifinalists included a convicted thief, an Internet porn model, and guy who's been charged in connection with a fight that ended in the death of a Pennsylvania man. In fact, Fox booted the contestant, Jaered Andrews, a month before he was even arrested for misdemeanor assault. TSG will venture a guess that Fox knew about Clark's rubber checks, but were unaware that he had been popped for battering his little sister (if true, not exactly "Idol" behavior). Either way, April 15 will turn out to be a taxing Tuesday for him, with Clark scheduled to be in the Topeka dock at 10 AM and, as of now, singing live on TV later that day."

Bunny Boilers. Stories about psychotic ex girlfriends/boyfriends.

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