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Drink Coca Cola.....milk?!? "The Coca-Cola Co plans to launch a milk-based drink this summer, aimed at children and teenage consumers. The Atlanta-based company will launch the new drink, called Swerve, in July. It will come in three flavours: chocolate, vanilla/banana and blueberry. Swerve, which contains 52 per cent skim milk, will be sold in 330g cans that have a figure of a grinning cow wearing dark glasses, company spokesman Scott Williamson said today."


Man tried to buy enough explosives to "blow up a mountain" from an undercover FBI agent...needless to say, he's behind bars now.

USB Drive Wristwatch, available with 32, 64, or 128 MB of ram.

Apparently, Buddhists are happier. The funny looking guy on that page is enough to get me to laugh:)

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