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Heres a little analogy for you kids, maybe some of you will understand it.
Not a true story, just an analogy.

One day, a little boy named Timmy was watching his dad make soup on the stove. Now, being of a very young age and a little on the inexperienced side of life, Timmy saw a neat glowing red object and wondered what it could be. So, being naturally curious, Timmy touched it and was surprised that it was hot! Really hot! Timmy was burned and crying and his dad quickly scooped him up and washed his hand under cold water and told him to be more careful around stoves next time. The next day, his father was again cooking on the stove and Timmy saw the glowing object. It was almost irrestible. He thought maybe it wouldn't hurt this time to touch it, even though it did the time before. So, Timmy once again touched the stove and was

burned. His father again scooped him up and washed his hand under cold water and told him to be careful. Everyday following, the same thing happened, each time, Timmy thinking it wouldn't burn like the other times. Finally, on the eighth day, Timmy again touched the stove. This time however, his father scooped him up and said, thats it, you're going to live with your mother. Theres no way you can possibly be my son, you're as stupid as the man I kept catching with your mommy when I was at work. The End. (I made this up myself too:-)) Figure out the analogy on your own;-)


Holy . Took an 88 Mercedes 500 SEL and turned it into a Vision SLR concept that has gullwing doors, apparently its accurate to the centimeter and only cost $88,000 while the real one costs $400,000.

Really cool Train Graffiti flash site. Paint your own traincar.


Osprey helicopters are cool, very similar to a patent Tesla made on a VTOL aircraft back in the late early 1900's. My question is, what is vortex ring state exactly?

Photoshop Contest: Reasons NOT to go to Canada

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