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Scary Signs You Don't Want to See. Personally, I'd want to see these signs, they're hilarious. Plus I wouldn't mind having them hanging on my walls ;-)

For Beth and Alyssa, the original 1966 Batmobile


Want Alyssa's font for her grasshopper name? Here, now you can actually see it correctly.

More Pics

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Heres some Prom 2003 pics, I was with the wonderful Alyssa and Jake with the excellent Beth:)

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I want one of these. Archos 320 portable movie player with 3.8" screen and choice between 20 and 40 gig hard drive. It can play MPEG4 video, so hopefully that means DivX/Xvid/etc. I'll wait till they work out the bugs and I can actually afford one or a better company comes out with one first though.

Holy crow...err, owl, rather.

Barbie Autopsy, anyone? Looks like fun!

Soon I can be spiderman, soon.


How to curse in 107 languages. Useful travel tip; don't try these out on vacation, you'll probably end up learning the words for "hospital" or "police station" ;-)

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