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My Review of The Hulk:
Well, I just finished watching a workprint version of The Hulk, meaning some special effects were unfinished, few sounds not there, but overall plot and storyline were intact. The actual movie comes out on June 20th. The camera work is all very comic book like, with multiple frames occasionally and many different screens going on at once, much like Phonebooth had. The special effects that were done were fairly good, very nice computer animation they have these days. I was disappointed by the lack of the line "Hulk Smash!!". That was the main downfall of the movie. The ending wasn't completely finished in some parts, so I can't really give that a full review, although it looked fairly cool from what I did see. The story seems to go a bit slow in the beginning because of how they have to set it up, but they do try to somewhat explain why a giant green hulking man appears when Bruce gets angry. I don't think the movie is as good as Spiderman is. The main character has less of a role and you don't really get to even see much of him. The relationship between Bruce and Betty is somewhat explained, but it doesn't go into it too much. Overall, it was a decent movie and I'll hold any final judgements until I see the final version. Maybe I'll find they added, "Hulk smash!!!" in the final cut ;-)


Some facts about Aruba. The Hyatt he mentions is actually the one we're staying at too. Some Aruba photos, too. I can't wait, we leave the 18th and come back the 23rd.

Added Shannon to the Friends List.


"Girl gets towed away from 7-11 in locked van while mom gets coffee" -via Fark

Color Photographs from the 1900's. How you ask? They took black and white photos with a red filter, a green filter, and a blue filter, seperately, and then combined the three seemingly black and white photos to create a color photo. It explains it a lot better than I can on the site. Its so weird, because even though you obviously know everything was in color back then, you're just used to seeing it all in black and white.

Telekinesis?. I think its supposed to be psychokinesis these days, I forget why, but I think they changed it for some reason.

Gollum's acceptance speech at the Mtv Awards.

Which Agent Smith are you?

By Madeline Elster

Apparently I got Snarky Smith the Master of Wit as well, what do you get?


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