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The first quarter of the Aruba Pics from 06/20/03. This is mostly the random "wildlife" found about the hotel. Sorry for the long lapse in posting pics, but I didn't want the page to get too bandwidth crazy:)

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Hopping land mines. After you read that, be sure to check out DARPA's page on them. Click the Flash demo for the most hilarity. "The animation provided by DARPA on the mines is a must see. The same brains that created the Internet have clearly mastered Flash as well. Watch it till to the end, as the Knight chess piece gives you a wink."


Today I went with my mom to help her find a handheld to use for work and things of that nature(like playing games on the plane when she's traveling). She liked the ones that had built-in keyboards and built-in Wi Fi, so it was kind of a toss up between the Sony Clies and the Palm Tungsten C. She ended up liking the Palm Tungsten C when we finally looked at them in the store. I have to say, I'm impressed with it. Its got a 400 Mhz processor, which is a BIG step up from the Palms of the past. It also has 64 MB of ram, another nice improvement, the already mentioned built-in Wi Fi and keyboard, and a color screen. You can also Hotsync wirelessly and I got her AIM for Palm OS so she can even chat online. You can either use the keyboard for input, or the Graffiti 2 system, which is a great improvement over the first one from what I got to try. It even lets you cross your T's. She already has a wireless gateway, and setting the Tungsten up to work with it didn't require any work at all. The cradle, along with Hotsyncing to the computer, charges up the batteries. Overall, it seems like a pretty cool gadget. The only thing I noticed was if you pushed too hard with the screen, Graffiti takes over when you might want to be actually drawing instead, but thats just like touchpads and you get used it or just turn off the Graffiti input. Also, it has a 5 direction joystick type deal as opposed to the traditional 2-scrolling button system that I found a little bothersome for reading documents, but its nothing horrendous. I'll have to figure out how I can get one for myself sometime:)


I went ahead and ordered a Stowboard. I figure it'll come in handy to traverse any foreign countries/other states I may visit in the future, since walking 4 miles through the desert in Aruba seemed a little slow;-). I couldn't find them in stock in any stores to actually look at it, so I got tired of trying all these different stores that had the exact same websites with none of the inventory actually in the stores(hint: Dick's Sporting Goods and The Sport's Authority). I'll have to get a review up when it arrives. Speaking of which, I still have yet to see the full version of The Hulk...I have to be able to con someone into going to see it with me first so I can get one up ;-)

Is Google God?. You'll probably have to do the whole "free registration" thingy, but its a pretty interesting article.

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