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Of course, all this Caribbean/pirate talk reminds me that I still have more photos to post! The second quarter of the Aruba Pics from 06/20/03. Once again, they're mostly of the wildlife:) There's a nice picture of an iguana stealing the swan's food too, which didn't seem to make it very happy.

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For those of you wondering where The Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, it was St. Vincent. Heres a St Vincent & The Grenadines - Photo album, a few maps, and a general guide to the island. Apparently, the Isle of Tortuga mentioned in the movie was real and I found some info on that as well. And here I thought it was just a brand name for rum cakes:) Heres a smaller page for those of you that just want quick facts.

Crazy Japanese movie clip. Some sort of crazy live-action pong-matrix-who-knows-what.

Tokidoki v2.0 Yeah. I'm not quite sure either. I know it involves driving sushi around though...

In an homage to Pirates of the Caribbean, which I saw tonight, I thought I'd post a link to a list of Pirate Movies I found. I'm going to have to organize some form of pirate movie marathon, because as we all know, pirates are freaking awesome. The movie was actually good, I enjoyed it a lot. It even had a decent story, along with some nice fights and special effects. Johnny Depp by far is the funniest pirate I've seen in a long time and thats in a good way. Definitely some great acting on his part. The girl in the movie is the spitting image of Natalie Portman in half the scenes, you could almost swear it was her, but apparently its actually the lovely Keira Knightley. The reason for this is she was actually a character in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. More specifically, Sabé, Natalie Portman's character's double in the movie. To better explain, "Sabé is the most important of Queen Amidala's royal retinue of handmaidens. During crisis situations, Sabé and Amidala switch roles. Sabé becomes a decoy, disguised as the Queen, while Amidala adopts a simple gown of a handmaiden, and goes by her less formal name of Padmé Naberrie." Anyway, yeah, great pirate movie, a lot better than most.


This man complained about getting paid $100,000 to basically do nothing for 7 years - via Fark


Go to Google, type in 'French military victories', and hit the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button - via Pleasant

What rating is your journal?

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Well, I pulled off a PG-13, thats not so bad, right?:-p

Presidential Candidate Selector Test. Which candidate does it suggest you vote for? Mine says Al Sharpton (D) apparently.

Well, I finally saw the full version of The Hulk. Someone actually willingly went with me! No conning required. Completed, it has a better flow and less silence, the camera effects and transitions are very cool. The whole movie is very reminiscient of "King Kong". Still the same storyline. For the a lot of parts, the animation of the Hulk is great, some get iffy though, like the part involving him and some dirt and rocks that happen to fall on him. Also, the pants don't seem to look as good as the rest of the animation, but thats understandable, since they weren't even originally going to be in the film. The ending sequence isn't as much more as I thought it would be, and it still is somewhat odd and confusing for the viewer. I'd say this is the kind of movie that could have a great sequel, because the first one has laid out all the groundwork and background story necessary to explain the characters. I doubt it will have one though, but based off Hollywood running out of any original ideas, its always a possibility. Oh, and theres still no "Hulk SMASH!"


Some strange deep sea creatures. I think the jewel squid and the electric ray are the coolest ones on the page.

Take your X-TREME marketing and shove it via Maddox

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