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Coming to a pet store near you: Fluorescent Fish. "The tiny fish have DNA from jellyfish, giving them the ability to glow in the dark. The first fluorescent fish have a greenish hue." Anyone that saw The Hulk may remember that that's the same reason HE glows green. Its great how crazy movies get more realistic every day:)


Man calls police after squirrel leaps onto his shoulder and refuses to move. More antics from those dastardly squirrels.

Guess the Dictator or Sit-Com Character. "Here are the rules: Pretend to be a dictator or television sitcom character. I'll try to guess who you are by asking simple yes/no questions. If you're not sure of the answer to a question, answer "No". If you forgot who you were pretending to be, go take a nap, you're obviously under too much stress. Also, drink plenty of fluids."
This thing is great, it can actually figure out just about ANY person from a show you choose. Very disturbing:)


NASA To Study Man Who Survives On Liquids And Sunlight. Craziness, some sort of new diet plan?:-P

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