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Artist seeks internet-enabled third ear. It seems you don't have to make up funny headlines for things anymore, it's done for you.

I sent an email to to ask if Bubba Ho Tep will be shown anywhere in this area and if I could help promote it if it was. Hopefully I get a response back. Here's just one of the many reviews that can be found.


Bruce Campbell is my hero. How do I get to see Bubba Ho Tep. This movie looks awesome. Dang not-living-in-a-major-metropolitan-area problem.


Code Red Blues. Ah well, I stopped drinking it awhile ago...felt like my teeth were rotting out of my head. Btw, this is my first post from a pda:-)


Yahoo! News - Actor Bruce Campbell Injured in Car Crash. Freaking moron drunk drivers.


"A Canadian teenager has launched legal action against classmates who put a video of him online, saying that the publicity has left him mentally scarred. Ghyslain Raza became known as the "Star Wars Kid" after a video of him using a golf ball retriever to emulate the light sabre slinging tricks of Darth Maul was posted on the net." [SNIP] "The lawsuit filed last week alleges that four classmates of Mr Raza stole the video from the cupboard in which it was being stored, digitized the clip, posted it online and then invited people to view it and make insulting remarks. Since the original was posted on the Kazaa file-sharing system, it has been downloaded and passed around to millions of people and Mr Raza's story has been featured in newspapers all over the world. Now there are about 38 versions of the original video that add all kinds of effects to his stick twirling tricks or mock Mr Raza. One site has started a petition to convince George Lucas to feature Ghyslain in the forthcoming Star Wars film."
Heres a nice website chronicalling those 38 versions. They even managed to stick him in the Hulk. I viewed the video and I'm not quite sure it could be so bad that someone's life is ruined over it. There's faarr more embarrassing things that could of been that film.

Batman: Dead End. This is a short film that is very surprising. Jake and I were sitting there watching it and then suddenly just dropped our jaws. You really have to see it.

Bamboo Bicycle. Bamboos great. Apparently it has other uses than just sword fighting with your friends!

Crazy Monkeys. "In Taitung County, located at the eastern end of Taiwan's Central Mountains, an owner of a chicken farm complained that the monkeys often harass his chickens. And he said they aren't doing it for food, but instead are just playing monkey games such as plucking the feathers of roosters and placing hens on branches high up in the trees." I guess monkeys may just be more evil than squirrels, if that's possible.

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