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"Legendary Pixies To Reunite For Tour, Album"

"NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- A trailer-trash trend of the 1980s, Garbage Pail Kids, is making a comeback next week." Beth should love that.


Yellowstone Super Volcano Update. Hold on to your butts.


Japan is holding a national holiday to celebrate the elderly after announcing there are 20,000 people aged over 100 years old in the country.
Holy crap, I'm moving to Japan.

The RIAA is suing a 12 year old girl and also a 71 year old grandfather whose grandchildren downloaded music. This needs to stop. It's getting ridiculous. If only counter-RIAA organizations like EFF had more power.


Finally, I found all of those old Jeff Goldblum ads where he sputters on about iMacs and all you can think of is his Jurassic Park dialogue. It ends up blending together so you go off about dinosaurs eating iMacs and such when you're trying to repeat them. If that's not enough, here's most of the "Switch" ads and a few more if you click the link at the top.

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