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Invasion of the Sony robots! Seriously though, Sony seems to be bent on world domination, they're already trying to make every electronic device imaginable, I'm surprised there isn't a Sony car yet. I could just imagine an army of these robots and a bunch of Aibo's taking over the world. Reminds me of a Penny Arcade cartoon, of course. I hope one day Sega starts making robots. They're my favorite company and the only one I'd support for global domination:)

Here's an Ibook mounted in a car and a tablet pc in a car, respectively. Jake and I have been trying to figure out how to do this properly so that we can use Winamp instead of car stereos.

Awesome James Bond lighter that functions as a digital camera.


The Credit Card Prank and also The RIAA Prank.

I added a link to my Xanga site. It features some comics I draw. I was heavily inspired by Penny Arcade. I wouldn't of started doing them if it weren't for that site, they have some hilarious comics.

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