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Now thats a big fish.

"Aircraft the size of bees that get the energy they need by feeding themselves a diet of dead flies could be buzzing around the battlefields and motorways of the future, thanks to research in southwest England." With Pic.


Numanuma. Uhh...I can't really come up with words for this, so you'll just have to watch it. By the way, Merry Christmas!


Here is a very cool Homemade Exoskeleton in progress. Hopefully it actually moves when hes done.


Build Your Own Windows Media Center PC.

Squirrels Steal Christmas Lights From Zoo.


2004 Ethnic Cleansing Awards. The 25 Worst & Most Annoying Newsmakers of the Past Year.


Orange Christmas Trees available in Ukraine. Man, I want one.

Much like ASIMO, it seems QRIO has some new moves, or at least moves I haven't seen before.

Google Infoglobe. "It’s a message center. It’s a clock. It’s a calendar. Heck, this cool phone accessory is all three. The Google Infoglobe displays Caller ID (name and number) via a scrolling LED message center in large, easy-to-read characters. Voicemail subscribers also see a message-waiting alert.The Infoglobe is also a clock with date and time stamp (including automatic daylight saving time adjustment). And then there’s the 100-year calendar for easy reference."


DS Music? Sure, why not. They're playing a Full Metal Alchemist song btw, "Melissa" I think it's called.


'Halo 2' arrives in time to ruin GPAs. Dang right it does, now to get back to preparing my presentation...


Brandon has a new site, never give up v(^_^)V, maybe he'll actually post to this one:-P


These are some crazy robot suit...things.


More Robot Grunts Ready for Duty. This time they're armed with guns and ambulance capabilities.


Well, the Civilian Warthog was faked. Not a big surprise, but I was hoping it was somehow a secret in the game.

Korea hopes to catch up to Japan in terms of robotics, starting with the KHR-3.

There's a post on Gamefaqs that seems to have found a video(copy and paste: ) of what could be an unused/secret vehicle in Halo 2, the Civilian Warthog. Either that, or it's just hacked. Also, theres a fun tank jumping video via a torrent.


Now that the Nintendo DS is finally out, I thought I'd repost my ideas on what this "Demasked" service is. Based off the few clues I've seen, it's supposed to be something that lets you feel "connected" with other people, so you're not alone. I found this patent application, could it be Demasked has been demasked?


Robocoaster G2 is "the only industrial-grade robot available as an amusement park ride, and it now travels on a track that can be made to any configuration."

Ever wonder what to do with all those AOL cds? How about making a throne?

Talon robots in Iraq that are used to dispose of bombs usually cost $250,000. But this someone made a homemade one for only $1000. Plus, it's actually being used, because it was shipped out to Iraq.

New Tools to Help Patients Reclaim Damaged Senses. I want to use it to add new ones.

Israeli scientists spin first artificial spider's web


Shocking Remote Control Tanks. Each time you score on your opponent's tank, he is shocked by his controller. Sounds pretty fun.

This guy turned his PS2 into a PS2 Portable


This is what an ASCII music video looks like, via AMCGLTD.

Apparently this is a cellphone. Crazy Czechs.


Is Evil Dead being remade?

Awesome little shape shifting robot here.

First there was the Spork. Now, I bring you the Knork . Which is something even I had thought of before, although I wasn't sure how to keep it from cutting people's mouths.


DIY High-Quality XGA Projector for ~$300. This would be great for those Halo 2 sessions when we wish we had another TV.

Via Slashdot, "According to an article on Wired, the Senate may soon pass a bill labeled HR2391, a bill which lumps many other copyright bills. If passed the bill would 'would criminally punish a person who 'infringes a copyright by ... offering for distribution to the public by electronic means, with reckless disregard of the risk of further infringement.'' In addition the bill would 'permit people to use technology to skip objectionable content -- like a gory or sexually explicit scene -- in films, a right that consumers already have. However, under the proposed law, skipping any commercials or promotional announcements would be prohibited.' The bill would also punish people 'who bring a video camera into a movie theater to make a copy of the film for distribution' with up to three years imprisonment and fines. If any of this worries you please contact your Senators and Representatives and voice your concern." I really hope this is just one of those rumors made to scare people, but unfortunately, it sounds legit. Clearly, making laws to turn more people into criminals to protect the "rights" of giant corporations is in the people's interests, right?

Who didn't want Saving Private Ryan aired on Veteran's Day? Oh that's right, it was these people.


Looks like someone may have found an unused character in Halo 2. It's pretty ugly either way. Apparently he had to somehow mod the game to get it to show up. With Video!


Most Quotable Game in History?

Oh yeah, by the way, those are fried foods being thrown at the main character.

What happens when you cross a dolphin, a fighter jet, and someone crazy enough to actually drive it? This. Via AMCGLTD


Hunter bags llama, could face charges.

I need one of these. All I know is it shoots foam discs at people who walk into rooms. Of course, it'd need some modifications...

How To Destroy The Earth, via AMCGLTD

Finally LED lightbulbs that fit in a regular socket. Now I can replace mine so they don't burn out for 5 years...or, could, $80 is kind of a lot for a lightbulb.


This is what happens when an orc from Warcraft gets lost in Starcraft.

Looks like theres a ton of new nonlethal weapons being developed by the US Air Force.


Mmmmm, corn starch blu-ray discs....

Program Recommending Time!
First up is Picasa. This wonderful little program by Google allows you to organize photos, pictures, backgrounds, etc. It's very impressive, especially since it's free. There's also a handy timeline feature that sorts everything by date and also you to easily jump between albums. It even has a few basic editing functions, like remove red eye. Next up is also from Google. Keyhole is a nifty earthviewer that streams satellite data and maps from the entire world. While some areas only have topography, many have actual satellite views with enough resolution to pick out your own home. It's apparently been used by CNN to display weather. Pretty fun to try. It does have the limitations of being a 7 day trial program though, it costs $29.95 after that. Next up is Firefox. I finally got around to trying it and I must say I like what I see so far. It's a well rounded web browser, with tabs and a built in pop-up blocker. Especially amusing are the themes and extensions you can get for it. I have a nice weather extension and a "Homeland Security Threat Level" extension, so I know if I need my umbrella or my bulletproof vest, respectively:-P Also, via Jake, give MirandaIM a shot if you would like a multi-protocol, small footprint, super customizable IM program.

Flying taxis are being predicted to be used by 2010. It'd be nice, since it'd make Back to the Future II that much closer to reality, but they've been predicting this sort of thing for years now.


Bush Victory "to Boost Emigration". It only bases it on the number of visitors to Canada's immigration website, but who knows. Kind of amusing either way. Hope they like the cold. Or it could be some people wanting to get married. (Google News for different countries yields interesting results when you're used to just seeing things for the US)

Apparently iRobot, the company making Roombas and Packbots has armed a few of their packbots with shotguns.


I'll need to get myself a nice little wall climbing robot sometime.


This pen is great, it lets you draw something, scan it in, and then wave the pen around to display it with led lights.

Oh those wacky Floridians are at it again, this time they're voting twice.

Cartoon Network has decided to counter the other networks voting coverage by showing the same episode of Harvey Birdman, 20 times in a row.


Scientists have worked out a new way for robots to learn to walk. Basically using chaotic systems that seem to mimic the way animals first learn to walk.

Slashdot has a cool write-up about how Infants Crack the Speech Code. Pretty interesting, hopefully useful in the future of robotics as well.

Best Photos of 2004. I particularly like the one of the squirrel. Also, that dolphin made for great times with Fark photoshopping.

Hackable Home Robot. Must...find add to wish list.

Finally, some scratch proof cds.

This thing is awesome. You open it up, say something into it, close the lid. Next, shake it up a lot and then open the lid again. Finally, the sound comes out distorted based upon how much you shook it, just like in cartoons:) via Gizmodo.


Robots learn 'robotiquette' rules.

Happy Halloween. Make sure you enter an appropriate age;-)

Electoral Race Virtually Tied. Goody.


Grand Theftendo. A port of GTA for the Nintendo:)

Fairly difficult game. I got tired of trying to click at level 15.

McCain for President?


Why we can't quite get rid of the electoral college entirely.

John Deere, iRobot Team Up to Make Robot.

Is there a browser, Gbrowser if you will, in Google's future?


Slashdot linked up to this exciting experiment.
"Scientists at the University of Florida made a living 'brain' by extracting 25,000 neurons from a rat's brain and culturing them inside a glass dish. Then, the neurons began to extend lines to each other, creating a living neural network between them. The dish had a grid of 60 electrodes connected to a computer running a flight simulator. The scientists were able to train the 'brain' to control the plane in the simulator and to react to conditions of the plane. Are we getting closer to create an artificially made conscious being, or perhaps, a living computer?"
This is exactly the sort of field I want to start working in.

Build Your Own Flying Lawn Mower. With links to videos!

Here's a nice sampling of some of the inventions at the British Invention Show this year.


RoboNexus First Look. Some pretty cool looking robots there, can't wait till it starts.

Robo Grand Prix at the Singapore Motorshow.

So this is the type of person that buys all those olds books and things my dad is always selling on eBay...


Apparently there's an MP3 player out that can have a 100 GB hard drive, the DMC Store - DMC 500. Unfortunately, it's a little large since it's a laptop hard drive. Not only that, based on my experience with laptop hard drives, I doubt it can take much abuse.

First Halo 2 was leaked, now Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been leaked. This one only a week before it's due out.


Robot Use to Surge Sevenfold by 2007

Donate to Child's Play here and you could win a new computer. Plus you help out little kids for Christmas!

Monster Sunfish washes ashore in New Zealand. With pic of course.


Child's Play 2004. Help donate toys and games to kids in Children's Hospitals across the US. Brought to you by Penny Arcade.


Thought I'd make this picture to help show my frustration with the current political process.

Kerry vs Bush


Good old Arnold has something to say about the "debate". "'Both of them did not answer some of the questions, which I think is upsetting to me,' Schwarzenegger told KGO radio in San Francisco. 'I think it is much better to be straightforward with the people.'" (1170112) Jon Stewart annihilates the Crossfire crew live on CNN. Here's the transcript. Here's a download link using Bittorrent(or Azureus). Here's an IFilm link if you're too lazy to read and too lazy to install bittorrent, you bums. It's definitely worth a watch.


Here's a pretty funny story linked up by Pleasant. Its topic is: 'Ten weeks undercover in the grass roots of the Republican Party'.

Halo 2 leaked onto the internet. Although, it's the French PAL version.

Download the newly released Google Desktop Search. Or you can read a review first. Seems very useful though.

Walmart is the largest company in the ENTIRE WORLD. And that should scare you. "Here, for example, is an executive at Dial: 'We are one of Wal-Mart's biggest suppliers, and they are our biggest customer by far. We have a great relationship. That's all I can say. Are we done now?' Goaded a bit, the executive responds with an almost hysterical edge: 'Are you meshuga? Why in the world would we talk about Wal-Mart? Ask me about anything else, we'll talk. But not Wal-Mart.'"

Here's a new Sims 2 story by Something Awful. I especially like the labyrinth.


Researchers may have discovered a way to give robots a sense of taste.

Slashdot posted an article up about bringing back airships for port security. I think it's great. Zeppelins, blimps, and airships in general are pretty dang spiffy.

Bush, Nader, and Kerry respond to questions posed by voters aged 18-35. Most of the questions were questions that haven't been asked or answered during the debates, etc. Kind of interesting reading.


I first heard about predicting the President by Halloween mask sales in High School. This year its Bush outselling Kerry thus far.

Where do you fall on the The Political Compass? I got the coordinates Economic: -2.25 and Social: -4.31, putting me somewhat in the vicinity of the Dalai Lama, who is more to the left by two spots or so.

Scientists have implanted a chip in a quadriplegic's brain that allows him to play Pong with 70% accuracy, just by thinking.

obliteration phenomenon: "A term coined by Information scientist Eugene Garfield to refer to the situation in which works (particular scientific works) are so well known in a field they are no longer cited. For example in modern research articles on relativity, Albert Einstein is cited relatively rarely and usually only when a direct quote is used from one of his works."

Faucet Company Donates To Man Who Lost All But Spigot To Twister. With pic of afformentioned spigot.


Constant Activity Of Visual Cortex Surprises Scientists. Now, that may sound boring, but click the link. They forced weasels to watch The Matrix. I kid you not. Luckily, it was just the first movie and not the other two unacknowledgeable ones, because as someone on Fark pointed out, that'd pretty much be animal cruelty ;)

I wholeheartedly endorse WASTE and its anonymous, secure and encrypted file transfering capabilities. Now with an easy to follow guide! ;)

The Pink Elephant Effect. "Humans have a natural tendency to assume that everything is in order, that the reality presented to us is as it should be. If you see a pink elephant, you doubt that you actually saw a pink elephant, and if you're sure that the elephant was pink, you suppose that there must be a damn good reason for a pink elephant to be walking around."

Biomimetic Robots: A Photo Gallery


Gaming helps traders score big-time. "The company follows small fluctuations in the market, easily missed on a bank of trading screens filled with fast moving numbers. Here, traders use mouse clicks to buy or sell. The faster their reaction the more money they can make, which is where the video games skills come in." Man, I should go get a job in London.

"Universal access to all human knowledge could be had for around $260m, a conference about the web's future has been told.
The idea of access for all was put forward by visionary Brewster Kahle, who suggested starting by digitally scanning all 26 million books in the US Library of Congress.
" I think it's a great idea and would maybe even promote a step forward into updating copyright law for the digital age. Of course, who knows if it'll ever happen.


Google Launches SMS Service. It worked well for me and was pretty quick. It'd be great if they could give you lists of movie titles, either based off of an actor/actress, topic, year, etc.

Distortions Galore at Second Presidential Debate. Not that we expected any less. But at least it's all on a nice site that appears to be fairly non-partisan.

Third party Presidential candidates Michael Badnarik (Libertarian) and David Cobb (Green) were arrested while attempting to enter the presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis. I think if you're on enough states to be able to win the election, then you should be allowed to be in the debates. How else are people supposed to know who you are? Besides, it'd make the debates a lot more interesting:) Here's more from Badnarik's blog.
"Presidential candidates Michael Badnarik (Libertarian) and David Cobb (Green Party) were just arrested. Badnarik was carrying an Order to Show Cause, which he intended to serve the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD)."

Wanna play Halo 2 before it comes out? Hey, it's worth a shot.

Hack a Day. Has some interesting things like making your own lava lamp.

How to make a ramjet engine out of two travel mugs and a sink strainer.


So I'm going to google to do a search for online comics, and i stumble across this Ansari X Prize Thing. It seems some folk have put a contest together to see what privately funded group can get into space and back the fastest, and then do it again. Sounds like fun. WAVE OF THE FUTURE!


Here's a patent application for what seems to be the Nintendo DS. "A video game machine is provided with wireless functionality. The wireless functionality may be built-into the video game machine or may be provided by a device that is removably attachable to the video game machine. The wireless functionality enables, among other things, enhanced multi-player capabilities, the ability to receive video game updates, new game levels and new games." It also mentions GPS in the application, however, so it should be interesting to see what Nintendo will do with this all.


You Know You're From Pennsylvania When...

You've never referred to Philadelphia as anything but "Philly." And New
Jersey has always been "Jersey."

You refer to Pennsylvania as "PA."

"You guys" is a perfectly acceptable reference to a group of men & women.

At least 5 people on your block have electric "candles" in all or most of their windows all year long.

You know what a "Hex sign" is.

You know what a "State Store" is, and your out of state friends find it incredulous that you can't purchase liquor at the mini-mart.

Words like "hoagie", "crick", "chipped ham", "sticky buns", "shoo-fly pie", "pierogies" and "pocketbook" actually mean something to you.

You know the time and location of every "wing night" in a 20 mile radius.

You think very little of an Amish buggy on the road.

You can go 2 weeks in winter without sunshine and think this is normal.

You know that Blue Ball, Intercourse, Climax, Bird-in-Hand, Virginville, Paradise, Mars, and Slippery Rock are all PA towns.

You not only have heard of Birch Beer, but you know that it comes in several colors: Red, Blue, White, Brown, Gold.

You consider Pittsburgh to be "out west," and you know the fastest way to Philly is the Turnpike.

Know that Yuengling is pronounced "Ying-ling," and believe that it really is a premium beer

You have an uncontrollable urge to buy bread and milk when you hear the word "snow."

You live within two miles of a plant that makes potato chips, corn chips, pretzels, candy, or ice cream, or that packages turkeys, beans, or bologna.

You can stop along the road to buy fruits, vegetables, or crafts on the "honor system."

You say things like, "Outen the lights," "I'm calling off today," and "They're calling for snow."

You think the roads in any other state are smooth.

School closings due to snow take the radio stations a half an hour to finish, because just about every town has its own school district.

Frequently go "with," e.g., "You going to the market? Mind if I come with?"

The Invisible Train - A Handheld Augmented Reality Game. This is pretty interesting, it's like what we would imagine VR to be, only without the goofy, expensive goggles.


Some rules for Thursday's Presidential "debate". "Candidates shall not wear helmets, padding, girdles, prosthetic devices, or "elevator"-type shoes. Per above, candidates shall not remove shoes or throw same at each other during debate." I think it'd be a lot more interesting if they did:-P For those who want the real rules, go here. Beware, it's in pdf format.

New $50 bill begins circulating. Looks more like Monopoly money than the new $20 does.


Slashdot linked up to this liquid that turns solid when heated. This has been done before, but it usually isn't reversible. This is the first time that a liquid can become a solid when heated and then become a liquid again when it cools. I'm sure this could be pretty useful for something, maybe it could absorb impact by turning solid from pressure or heat? Or maybe it'd make a nice heater pack or something for the winter.

BMW Unveils World's Fastest Hydrogen-Powered Car.


This is a huge wave to surf. I just hope that guy is a good swimmer.

A Week in the Life of The Sims 2. It's hilarious what you can do in that game.


Rats' brain waves could find trapped people. Basically, electrodes will be implanted in the rats' brains and they will be trained to find people. When they pick up scents of trapped people, signals output from the reward center of the brain will be received by rescuers. They could also be used to look for explosives. Of course, I'm sure most people would probably freak out if they were trapped and a bunch of rats started crawling around on them.

What would you do with 350 GBAs? I'd definitely make a lot of robots. Or some sort of crazy, totally useless "super"-computer through the link cable.

Flexible Sensors Make Robot Skin. Still only 16 sensors per square cm, while humans are 1,500, but I can see it advancing fairly quickly.

Mechanical Pong is cool.


Photoshop Contest. Pirate versions of everyday objects.


Insaniquarium. Another addicting, mindless game:)


Looks like people at the University of Freiberg made the robosapien autonomous.


Shapeshifting robots. Although, not of the Terminator variety.

Blox Forever. Pretty fun game, only goes to 10 levels though.

Giant robot in Times Square!


Cockroach-Like Robot Will Help To Unlock Mysteries of Animal Moving. Thats one BIG cockroach;)

Spinach May Soon Power Mobile Devices. Very cool, finally a way to combine chloroplasts with electronics.

Animal robots, some pretty neat ones in development, like a robot lobster and the army's robot dog. I still would like to see a dragonfly however, as that would prove fairly useful in surveillance situations.


Cockroach + robot = this


Rapidly approaching once again, it's Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 19!


A company called Transitive Corp is working on a "near-universal emulator that allows software developed for one platform to run on any other, with almost no performance hit." As an example, "Wiederhold said QuickTransit will allow the next-generation Xbox (which will have a Mac-like PowerPC chip) to run first-generation Xbox software (which was written for an Intel chip)." Wee


The 25 Best Futurama Moments Ever.

Brandon's got a page up to detail things going on while he's in Japan. It's called Year in Japan, although I think I like the title "Ore wa Boku" better;)

Hmm, nothing on any of the seismic monitors suggests a nuclear explosion, so maybe it was just a fire.

Google Search: North Korea mushroom. Possibly something quite important? Or maybe just some sort of overhyped forest fire/train crash/ufo crashing?


Now that's a paintball gun.


Now someone's come up with a way to make Gmail into a blog. Here's a GMail-based blog With 1000 MB of entries


Jet engine + Wheelchair = 60 mph fun for the whole family.


Evil attack squirrel of death. Pretty funny story about the evilest of rodents.

Someone managed to turn Google's email into a filesystem in Linux called GmailFS. Not recommending you actually TRY this, but it's a neat concept.

With the recent revival of lawsuits by the RIAA, I thought it'd be time for some nice satire. SCO, MPAA, RIAA jointly sue entire world.


Swarm robots being developed for use in the nearish future. Sounds like it could be pretty exciting.

Holographic disk should support up to 1 TB of data.


A digital camera taking photos of a demolition was blown up, but the compact flash card survived to tell the tale.

Slashdot has this update on some newer robots. This includes the robot suit mentioned earlier, a tomato harvester, and a robotic fighter.


Japan is working on a pretty cool sounding Robotic Suit.

Theres a new controller from a company called Gametrak coming out for the PS2. It's these two gloves that you wear and are supposed to be able to track movement and position. It looks like it could be pretty cool, assuming it works and assuming you stand far away enough that you don't accidently put a hole through your TV.


If I could direct your attention to the new Navbar found at the top of the screen. This allows you to search my blog or go to a random blog hosted by Blogger.

If anyone needs a new DVD burner, here's the NEC 8x Dual Layer DVD+/-RW Drive for only $71. The shipping is only $1 and make sure you select the free 5 pack of DVD-R's.

Badass Australian Cows. This is what happens when drunk people decide to go cow tipping.

Here's a whole article on a Robosapien's internals, in case you're curious or want to enter the Hacking Competition

Combat robots wow crowds. With videos.


My brother's site squidlife, has some very cool illustrations.


Bubbles. Fun flash game where you star as a Bubble.


The ESA wants to study human hibernation possibilities for trips in space.


Dreamcast still going on strong. An N64 emulator, a Saturn emulator and a GBA emulator exist and are being improved.


Evil squirrels are up to no good once again, this time stealing golf balls off of courses.



The Wheelman. Some sort of two wheeled, motorized skateboard-thing. Definitely looks like it'd be fun to ride.

If you're a guy, click the picture, if you're a girl, click here.


Unofficial Halo 2 Faq. A bunch of things about the upcoming game.

Qrio the robot makes acting debut. They had Sony's Qrio in a cameo part in the show Astro Boy. This was the same robot that can run, jump, dance, throw a ball, etc. Theres some video of Qrio here, be sure to watch episode 3. Quote from the acting article "Japanese actress Miki Maruyama, 16, who plays the part of one of the children in the programme was very impressed with Qrio's acting abilities. 'I couldn't believe it was a robot. It said the lines better than me,' she said." Of course, there was definitely human help involved, but I wonder how long it will be till there won't need to be.


Wow. Words don't even describe what is going on here. These quotes may help explain though: "Wha kind of picture do you want to see? I gladdly accept your reqest and go to shoot it for you sir. Please give me your message. thank you ;-)" and "Ayumi Hamasaki fan site in the world??????????????? Sorry but I am not fan of her, because breast problem. but I hope this links help her fan for having good relation with each other ;-)"


Go here. Click the phone and have Hillary Duff call all your friends and hopefully freak them out.


Japan Hierarchy. I'm definitely on this list, in various places. Thanks to Chee for providing the image.

Political Party Platform Comparison. I recieved most of the points (219) for Green Party, then Democratic about 178, Republican about 129 and Libertarian was 78 I think. This may have been because no one still has my dang robo-socialist government listed:-P


Win every time at the new Spider-man Burger King game. For those of you who don't have spidey sense;)


Finally, a real trailer for Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Looks fun to me.

Disintegrating Rustheap for Sale will Swap for Catfood. Hilarious auction of a Skoda.


I need to somehow add this Korean robot to a wishlist.


Somebody made a PVC Flamethrower for fun. I'm not sure if they've since set themselves on fire or blown up, but it has pretty cool plans for a nice water gun either way.

New ZZZ article, talks about zeppelins and 1 TB storage media.


Robots on farms, robots in hospitals, robots in photoshop contests, and robots in war. Then there's computers as teachers, computers as restaurant employees, and computers as the ever popular grocery store cashier. Once all the jobs are replaced by robots and computers, what will happen? Hopefully this.


Super baby born. Somehow this kid has a rare gene which boosts muscle growth.

Cingular moves ahead with high-speed plans. Hopefully they get some nice phones to go along with it.


Birds Learn to Operate Automatic Doors. Crazy birds, with pics.


Atkins Diet Fanatics Assault Cookie Monster. I love satire.

Treamcast. A portable Dreamcast? Where do I sign up.

F*CKING' villagers vote against name change. Actual name of the village, only without the asterisk. Must be fun to use in everyday conversation.


Nickelback. Unoriginal? Gee...who'd have guessed:-P


Every videogame system ever? Anybody have $100,000 I can borrow...


'Electric armour' vaporises anti-tank grenades and shells. Definitely something I'm doing to my car. You know, for all those times I'm caught in the middle of guerilla warfare...


Now a way to bypass those dang newsites that make you register first, This'll work for things like The New York Times and such.

U.S. Border Patrol uniforms made in Mexico. Kind of ironic, eh?


More video of that bulldozer rampage.

Farm equipment isn't supposed to be used for assaulting a town. Pretty crazy when it is though. Do I hear a request for pics or video?


Apparently the writers for Futurama know a thing or two about math, so heres an analysation of Mathematics in the Year 3000

Unidentified creature stumps experts. I found this pic of a fox that had lost its fur. Unfortunately you can't see the tail, but it looks like thats probably what the animal in the article is. Animals look pretty odd without fur, like this bear. Pic is on the right.

Ultra high resolution television (UHDV) prototype. "Some viewers even experienced nausea because of the ultra realistic visual effect of speed without the usual physical sensation of movement." Wee.

Nokia unveils mid-air messaging. Wave your phone through the air and it'll show messages lit up with leds. Seems like a pretty amusing gimmick to me.


Cool map of The Simpsons' Springfield


Wouldn't it be cool if you could go into deep sleep for space travel and not lose muscle, fat, or bone mass in the process? Well, NASA thinks so too and bears can already do just that, minus the space travel part;)

This study is great. DNA Study Finds Chihuahuas Aren't Dogs. If you're confused at the end, go here. :-P

How To Create Your Own Religion In 10 Easy Steps.


The Ultimate War Sim. Pretty funny, would probably make an insanely funny game.


Nation's Gas Prices High, But Adjusted Prices Not Highest Ever. Once you account for inflation, it turns out the highest price for gas was in March of 1981. After adjustment, gas would be almost $3 a gallon back then.

This is one of the craziest car crashes I've seen lately.


Ha, people told me measuring popularity with Google was unscientific. Looks like they were wrong.

Blue roses at last? I'm still looking for my genetically modified four-leaf clovers I heard about oh so long ago.


CMU's snooping robot going to Iraq. Cool little Dragon Runner thing. It's designed to be thrown over fences or down stairs and then survey the area.

Pretty fun, although short game Ant City. You have a giant magnifying glass and a city full of cars and people. I'll let you figure out the rest.


New nickels honor Louisiana purchase. That explains Alyssa's odd nickel.

Cell Phone Directory Coming Soon. It probably is a good idea to stick your number on the Do Not Call List, since it is free.


Search Engines & Web Portals Going 1GB Email Crazy Search Engine News Journal. My Gmail says I have a terabyte of space now, but that's probably just a typo.

Apparently "...with you I lose my mind, give me a si-" sounds like "...sleep with me I'm not too young" when played backwards.

New t-shirts that will play movie trailers. I still have to find a pic of this.


Bush White House checked with rapture Christians before latest Israel move. Huh?

This page lets you make links to set other peoples' Away Messages! in AIM. It doesn't seem to set mine, because I'm still using a pretty old version of it, but its funny nonetheless.

Internet Groceries Continue to Expand. Sounds like a great idea, especially with people wanting to drive less due to gas prices.

A story from the younger days of the internet, I remember reading this a long time ago. It's still hilarious. Rocket Car

Good info on next-gen portable gaming systems.


This is great, it shows how powerful and widespread an internet community can be. A person selling a Powerbook on eBay is contacted by someone trying to scam him. This is a tale of danger, revenge, spies, and a hilarious idea. Best of all, its true. And not in a "based on a true story" way that movies are so often made. Scamming the Scammer


Origami Folding Robot. With pictures/video.


Bathers warned of kick-boxing shrimp.

Losing weight on McDonalds? Of course, his cholesterol went up, but he still managed to lose weight.

Halo 2 E3 Demo. This game looks like a ton of fun.


Top 100 IRC Quotes. I haven't used it in ages, but these are still hilarious.

Gizmodo has info and pics on the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS. "Here are the final specs of the Playstation Portable, including high-resolution shots of the hardware and all the technical details. Notable are some of the listed accessories, including a 'headphone with remote commander and microphone,' 'USB Camera,' 'USB GPS for PSP,' 'USB Keyboard.' Sony wants this thing to be able to do it all." Also, there seems to be a lot of confusion over whether the Nintendo DS has Bluetooth, WiFi, or both. Otherwise, both systems look great and have a lot of advantages. The Nintendo DS for example can play both GBA and DS games and the PSP is basically a mobile media center. Thankfully, the DS also seems to be backlit and features a touch screen AND standard headphone jack, so my refusal to buy a Gameboy SP seems like it will pay off.

Skype will soon allow you to make real phone calls, for a price.

Could this be the Nintendo DS? Now I just want to see what the Sony PSP looks like and figure out which one I want.

Halo 2 Multiplayer Hands-On over at IGN.

Videophone for Xbox Live? Giggity giggity giggity. I love E3.

Based off of these Halo 2 screens, you can be the aliens in multiplayer, use an alien sword/dagger, and there is some sort of rocket launcher on a warthog. Anyone see anything I missed? The game is set for a November 9th launch date, btw.


Astronomers may have finally gotten a photo of a planet in another solar system. This should prove to be very interesting, I can't wait till they are able to image earth sized planets.

Btw Blogger has been updated. New interface and such, if you want to sign up for one.

Along with robots of course, Japan also has the coolest phones first.


You know those bear suits shown every once in awhile on tv? The ones were a guy was attacked by a bear so he made this insane suit that can take any sort of damage? Yeah, they're on sale now. I should have one so I can try throwing myself off cliffs for fun:-P The mobility tests on the video page look like a robot.

What we've been telling our parents for years.Everything we know, we learned from video games.

Its the blob!. Seriously, watch to the end, you'll see what I mean. The stuff starts to act alive. Not only that, heres some kids making fireballs in the chem lab.


Lose a sub? Send in the dolphins!

Anyone need a shoe with built in sensors and a motor that allows it to change its shape? I think I'd rather buy one with a computer built into it that wirlessly interfaces with a display, headset, and keyboard.

Thought I was just making it up when I said the record companies don't pay artists their royalties half the time anyway? I wasn't. Hypocritical RIAA.

Coca Cola's new contest involves some sort of crazy, can shaped phone.

On your marks, get set, search ... When it comes down to Google versus old school methods, WHO WILL WIN!?! :-P


Photoshop Contest: Google in 15 years.

You know you've been watching too much anime when... ...your dreams are in Japanese, even though you hardly know any Japanese, When someone at work walks up to you and you say: Hai!, When you start using "Kuso!!" instead of "Damn!!" purely by reflex...I probably have more on the list too..Here's a slightly longer one.


Supervisors kill off gnomes in evening cull

Someone thought real life PacMan would be fun, thus Pac Manhattan was born.

Bigger Picture of robot cones.

Gnome-napper strikes Cottage Grove.


Wee, crusing on a monowheel. Of course, if you hit a tree or something, you've got 1,100 lbs pushing you into it...

What if...robots fought our wars for us.

Mislabeled Korean Popeyes Commercial ;-)

Pics of the robotic cones. Although the pictures are tiny:-P


Hilarious auction for a wedding dress. "I found my ex-wife's wedding dress in the attic when I moved. She took the $4000 engagement ring but left the dress. I was actually going to have a dress burning party when the divorce became final, but my sister talked me out of it. She said, "That’s such a gorgeous dress. Some lucky girl would be glad to have it. You should sell it on EBay. At least get something back for it." So, this is what I’m doing. I’m selling it hoping to get enough money for maybe a couple of Mariners tickets and some beer." There's more and he even modeled it himself.


Using laser to paint images directly on the retina. This sounds like a really cool system, although it probably won't be affordable for normal consumers for at least 5 years.

The radio station that pranked Castro is going to pay the fine. In pennies.

Music industry sues 477 more computer users. And none of the lawsuits have actually gone to trial yet. They all seem to settle monetarily. Reminds me of the mob.

Robotic traffic cones swarm onto highways.

Stupid Burglars of the Day. "When officers arrived, they found that the front door had been kicked in and the cash register was stolen. But the roll of tape that records transactions in the register was unraveling behind the thieves as they ran away. Officers say they simply followed the 100-foot-tape into the bushes, where two people were hiding."

Super Mario Bros on piano, Super Mario Bros on guitar, and the tabs.


Toto. Huh?

Greedy studios make DVDs not so special. Theres going to be six, six versions of Kill Bill. And they still whine about movie downloads...

Chan Is Named U.N. Goodwill Ambassador. Awesome.


I gotta hand it to them, prank calling a communist dictator is hilarious. Its definitely worth the FCC fine.

Sometimes linux nerds go too far. Dead Badger?

It'd be nice if I could watch TV on my pda, for when we have to leave the twins' house early on Sundays.


Google gave me a Gmail account. I get a gig of storage and easier searching through email. It seems pretty cool right now. If you want to email me, its RStern at I was able to get this because of this.


Monkey Ball Arcade Game. I finally found something I might actually be good at when I go to Japan, since I suck at Dance Dance Revolution.


Army Scientists, Engineers develop Liquid Body Armor. It sounds pretty cool, it hardens on impact with something, so they can even use it in boots for plane jumpers, to protect the ankle.


Mice Created With 2 Genetic Moms, No Dad. Reminds me of Vandread, where men and women live on seperate planets and are at war with each other, to reproduce they use two same sex parents.


Gigablast. Pretty cool search engine, from what I understand, it was the successor to Infoseek.


The way it should be: Wireless Internet Everywhere. And hopefully someday it'll be free too.

Memory bottleneck limits intelligence: Single spot in brain determines size of visual scratch pad. What does this mean? A spot about the size of a penny, acts like the ram for your brain and its speed can affect the speed of the rest of the brain. So, how about we upgrade it?

4.15.2004 >Amazon has a search engine. Built on top of Google. Kind of interesting, but I think I still like Google's layout better.


Anti-Atkins, High-Carb Diet Tested. Ha, thats been my suggested diet all along:-P also, "The Atkins diet has generally been considered by most medical and nutritional experts to be unsound or even quackery. Opponents of the diet mention that the initial weight loss upon starting on this diet is a phenomenon common with most diets, and is due to reduction in stored glycogen and related water in muscles, not fat loss. They claim that no evidence has surfaced that any diet will cause weight loss unless it reduces calories below the maintenance level. Reports have also indicated that successful weight loss due to the Atkins diet has been the result of fewer kilojoules (calories) being consumed by the dieter, rather than the lack of carbohydrates." Thats found on Wikipedia's listing, here. Another interesting point there, "Another argument is that many countries whose traditional diets are high in carbohydrates and low in fat (for example, Japan) have significantly low rates of obesity. This seems to directly contradict Atkins' claims."

Movie called The Village coming out July 30th. Heres the plot summary: "Set in rural Pennsylvania in 1897, this is the story of the small village of Covington (population 60) surrounded by a woods inhabited by a race of "mythical creatures," and the romance that blossoms between Kitty, the daughter of the town's leader, and Lucius, a young man who questions the policy of keeping Covington's citizens completely confined to the village." Looks pretty interesting.

Google bombing for Good: "If you've ever Googled the word Jew, you may have noticed that an antisemitic hate site, Jew Watch, inexplicably and disturbingly comes up as the top result on what is beyond a doubt the most frequently relied upon search engine in the world. The anti-Semites have been a-Google-bombing. The most effective way to counter the racists is to Google-bomb back. If you have a website, please consider placing the following code on it somewhere: <a href="">Jew</a>, which should look like this on your page: Jew."

Intendum feror cupidine partium magnarum Europae vincendarum. Latin phrases, the easy way. That one means "Sometimes I get this urge to conquer large parts of Europe." :-P

English to Japanese Calligraphy. List of English words written in Japanese.

FDA Approves Human Brain Implant Devices. Hopefully this'll be the road to my cyberbrain implant dreams:)

First robot causality in Iraq.


Here's some crafty pen spinning tricks.

GooOS, the Google Operating System. Sounds like a great idea to me.


When otters attack?

New Spider-Man 2 trailer. This time a real version released by Sony:)


Some crazy new guns being tested. Recommend watching the beef video of what happens with blended metal ammo. Real Player Alternative is here.

Subservient Chicken. I really have no explanation for this whatsoever. I told it to "eat chicken" and so it started to chew on its wings...Telling it to "break dance" results in some sort of moonwalk attempt...hahaha, I like its attempts to "fly". Wow, he'll even do a handstand. This thing is crazy!

Exactly what I was hoping for, for trips. Instead of packing a ton of clothes, the place you are staying, hotel or cruise ship, will have machines that just print out clothes for you to wear, which can then be recycled/disposed of at the end of the trip.


The latest fashion must-have: eyeball jewellery. Ha, more useless fashion things. I keep telling people if they're going to modify their body, it should be usefull somehow.

Skype, a program that allows you to make phone calls to other Skype users over the internet, has finally release a version for pdas, called PocketSkype. So now I installed that and the pc version, if you want to talk, my name is robert1783.

Rarely does anyone weigh facts before deciding what to believe.


Sony Qrio conducts a symphony. :)

There was a security flaw found in Winamp 5. This means you should upgrade now if you're using it.

Penny Arcade Remix. Done by Japanese students learning english. These are pretty funny.


Slashdot | Inexpensive Dashboard PC. Can't wait to install a computer into my car and have mp3s, movies, and gps right at my fingertips.

Robo-Cars Make Cruise Control So Last Century. Exactly what I've been hoping for lately.

Some soccer playing robots that are unbelievable. They can even do hand stands!

Functional Akira Bike Built. It doesn't use electrical engines, but I'd still want it:)


Canada deems online music swapping legal. Now...if we could have the same in the US...

Look at this great sword controller, for use with Onimusha 3.


Gee, looks like even studies are finding filesharing doesn't hurt cd sales. "'The two distinguished gentlemen Strumpf and Oberholzer-Gee have most likely made RIAA executives choke on their lunches. Those two economists at Harvard and UNC-Chapel Hill have done the research and the math on how much CD sales are actually hurt by P2P sharing. The answer: A whopping one CD per 5,000 files downloaded. Needless to say, RIAA are already trying to discredit the study.' " via Slashdot:

Pencil Carving. I should take this up during class:-D

New Spiderman 2 Trailer. Qualities not real good, but its the only one I saw that was different from the normal one shown in theaters.


Pin the Tale on the Donkeys. Moral of the story? Politicians lie or can be wrong, no matter which party they are (/obvious).

List of 100 Movies that deserve more appreciation. I've seen a lot of these, theres a lot I want to check out now though.

Very interesting page with photos of Chernobyl and how it looks now.

What they have done to their ultrasound pictures. I especially like the movie of the baby driving.


Oregon County Bans All Marriages - Period. This is for straight and gay marriages. Sounds like a plan to me, at least everyone is treated equally now:)

You are Communist

What: Communism

Where: At the distant top-left of the politcal spectrum

How: Developed by German politicians Marx and Engels in the book The Communist Manifesto, communists believe that society should be run by the workers. It has been attempted and failed in countries including Russia, China, and North Korea.

What political extremity are you?

Wart Hog - Flash Game. This things great, its basically what I did in Halo one time when I was really bored.

How evil are you?


Looks like we get our free giant shrimp from Long John Silver's afterall. May 10th between 2 and 5pm.


Holy crap PETA, are you guys seriously this insane? "The 5-inch-tall, red-and-white striped containers mimic KFC's buckets. But instead of fried chicken, each is filled with items including a bag of fake blood and bones, a bloodied plastic chicken and a cardboard caricature of a blood-spattered Colonel Sanders holding a butcher knife toward a terrified-looking chicken" These of course are also being handed out to school kids.

Some more pics of the E Ink reader.

E Ink book readers are on the way. Maybe I can finally convince Beth and Alyssa to read books this way, since it says it looks like its actual ink. I myself don't mind reading on computer or pda monitors, but I think it can bother other people's eyes. The reader can even display manga!

NASA - NASA Develops System To Computerize Silent, "Subvocal Speech". Anyone else interpret that to mean we can have telepathic type communication systems like they have in Ghost in the Shell:SAC? So the optical camouflage is covered and the communication system is set. Now we just need our cyberbrains and I'll be happy:)


Evolution as Fact and Theory. Best quote - "Well, evolution is a theory. It is also a fact. And facts and theories are different things, not rungs in a hierarchy of increasing certainty. Facts are the world's data. Theories are structures of ideas that explain and interpret facts. Facts do not go away when scientists debate rival theories to explain them. Einstein's theory of gravitation replaced Newton's, but apples did not suspend themselves in mid-air, pending the outcome. And humans evolved from apelike ancestors whether they did so by Darwin's proposed mechanism or by some other, yet to be discovered."
Explains what the difference between theories and facts are and why you can't say "Well, it's only a theory.

Really strange fish found. Including a humpback angler fish, the dumbo octopus, and the giant sea spider. Apparently the angler fish is some sort of crazy vampire.


Brain-controlled video game made. Now this is the kind of stuff I'm talking about. Ghost in the Shell thought communicators, here we come.

Well, apparently there won't be a super eruption at Yellowstone. Interview With USGS Yellowstone Scientists. There goes all that excitement:-P


PDA wristwatch. Is it sad that I would actually wear something like this, even though its basically "huge"? I should probably just wait for the ones made from flexible LCDs that wrap around your arm...


That three-headed frog I mentioned....might just be three frogs.

Casshern. Awesome looking movie coming out in Japan.


More spidermen antics!

Optical Camouflage. I showed a news link to this awhile back, heres the actual page with videos!


Subsequently, here's the story behind Sharereactor's disappearance.

Backup Site for Sharereactor. Yay, suckers.


The Robot Competition FAQ is a nice long list of robotics competitions around the world, I'd like to enter some of them. The Cleaning Robot Contest sounds like it'd be fun and fairly simple.

Pareidolia. Are there really faces on Mars? Well, that depends, is the horsehead nebula a sign that our equine ancestors are trying to communicate to us:-P Reminds me of the Helix Nebula, or "Eye of God" as some people call it. Never quite understood how people could easily see elephants and clowns in clouds, but not understand that its the same effect for religious things.

Google's Local Search tool is pretty cool. Just type in a zip code or address and see whats around.

Well, "they"(RIAA, MPAA? Not really sure yet) have killed Sharereactor, Jigle, and FileNexus. All of these were webpages that posted links that you click to send to Edonkey2000. They didn't even actually host any of the files. Maybe someone will realize each time they kill off a downloading site, 3 more appear in its place. The internet is just a large, multi-headed hydra. Apparently the fact that we already pay $8 and up to see a movie in the theater isn't enough, although GOOD movies make back far more than they spent just on ticket sales alone. So then the DVD version comes out and if we liked the movie we buy that. But then, whats this, the special edition of the same movie comes out with new features and footage. Some of us may buy that. And then after that, comes the super extended director's cut with even MORE footage and features. So they realease three versions of the same movie, screwing over the early adopters and basically forcing them to go out and buy newer versions if they want all the extra bonus footage and features. You end up spending $8-$16(if you have a date;-) on an original ticket + $15 for the movie on dvd if you get it while its cheap at walmart + $17-19? for a "special" edition + $22-$60??? for a super extended bonus multipack edition. Then theres all the money they make from selling out advertising rights and the rights to video games, toys, candy, clothes, you name it. And yet, somehow they claim to be losing money from downloaders??? I can guarantee you everyone involved in the Lord of the Rings movies hasn't noticed any missing money. Same goes for Spiderman. Same for any decent movie. I'm sure movies like Gigli, rated one of the worst movies of all time on IMDB lost money. But it had nothing to do with downloaders. I regularly go to the movie theater to see films, even ones I'm not all that interested in. A lot of times it isn't because I really want to see the film, its just because its a fun thing to do. It's a time to get out with your friends, sit in air conditioned seats, and watch a GIANT screen. And even there you sit through 15-20 minutes of commercials and previews and propaganda! "Hi, I'm a set designer and I lose money when you download from me." Really? That's odd, I figured since you get paid ahead of time, even if the movie makes zilch and the fact that you're in a union protects you from "losing" money. Also, more often than not, downloading a movie beforehand that is GOOD leads to actually SEEING IT IN THE THEATER! So guess what, the industries claim to be "losing" money to downloaders? Ha. If anything, I claim that we, the consumer, are losing money. (End rant)


I, Robot Trailer Available.
""Marketing Executive: 'Oh come on, Terminator 3 was a great movie. I, Robot was a great book. If we merge the two, we will have something twice as great!'

Public: 'That's what you said about merging Aliens and Beverly Hills Cop. Did Pluto Nash even have a script?'

Marketing Executive: 'Everyone loves the Coz!'

Public: 'You're thinking about Leonard Part 6.'

Marketing Executive: 'Exactly. How did it get to Part 6 if it wasn't great?'

Public: [sigh]"


Trumpet playing robot! "Toyota developed artificial lips that move with the same finesse as human lips, which, together with robots' hands, enables the robots to play trumpets like humans do."


Crazy monkey picking on some tiger cubs. This is really funny, pretty smart monkey to get away with it and not get eaten:)

Is that you Spiderman? Some of the stuff this guy does is unbelievable!


Looks like Korea has their own security robot to compete with Japan's. Also found another in Japan called the Wakamaru. It's designed to help out the ill or the elderly: it can be programmed to remind patients to take their medicine and even call a doctor when it appears that someone is in distress.

Hitachi Develops Holographic-like Display. Star Wars anyone?

Cute little terminator looking deathbot, isn't it. Even rights itself if it's on its back.


Someone took it upon themselves to make a very cool, real Master Sword from Legend of Zelda. I wonder if it shoots laser beams.

I need to have a robot dragon security guard. Well, not really, but it'd be a lot of fun and they even have an orange one:)


Uh oh...three-headed frogs are beginning to show up. They're usually an early warning for environmental problems, so maybe this means something.

Berkeley made new walker legs and it looks like we're one step closer(no pun intended) to Halo/Starship Troopers(book, not movie) style exoskeletons.


World's Smallest Political Quiz. I am considered a centrist. "Centrists favor selective government intervention and emphasize practical solutions to current problems. They tend to keep an open mind on new issues." Your Personal Self-Government Score is 70%. Your Economic Self-Government Score is 40%.


Dang, someone already thought of the film I wanted to make right here. Of course, this one is satire, but hey.

Watch a woman age 70 yrs in a few seconds. They used 8 keyframe photographs to pull it all off.

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