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"Rip-off 101: How The Current Practices Of The Textbook Industry Drive Up The Cost Of College Textbooks" I know I've spent a ton on books just this semester alone.


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The return of the recurring finger in the Mayan picture.
The last three are at the rock climbing wall on the ship.
They were at this speed climbing competition, which I didn't win.
I don't feel so bad though, one of the guys that did win was wearing a Spiderman shirt, so I didn't stand a chance;-)

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These are all pictures at Costa Maya and the ruins there.


Fun With Cold. Really cold.


Heres the first camera pics. You have to ignore my fingers over the lense in some of them, I guess I'm not used to disposable cameras. If you have any questions as to what they are or where they are or whatever, just leave some comments and I'll explain. I'll post the other images as I get to them, that way the page doesn't take forever to load.

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The dragon on the top is made out of butter and was at the midnight buffet the one night.
The Absinthe House was at New Orleans.
The rest of the pics are mostly on the ship, although some are a little hard to see due to the flash not being effective.

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That's a monkey made out of towels at the top corner there with my dad.
The shore shots are all at Costa Maya, just ignore my fingers in the way of some of them:)
That close-up shot of the rock/water is of these odd little animals I found. At first I thought they were fossils, but then I found some that weren't in the rock, so I figure they were alive.

Dog gets a credit card with a $1500 limit.

Triumph the Comedy Dog at the American Idol Auditions.

It Takes Guts. Another fun game.


"But they are tiny and are being shipped into this country disguised as garden gnomes. A suicide gnome may be small, but he can still strap on a lot of explosives, walk into a crowded mall and . . . BOOM!"

If you liked those 3d pavement pics, heres some more.

Those North Koreans sure have some funny dances for their kids to do.

This cellphone gun is pretty crazy.

These are all paintings on the ground. They look so 3d it hurts my brain to try to think of them as 2 dimensional.

Pretty cool sand art video thingy. It's hard to explain, but it involves an overhead projector and sand and this guy making really neat pictures.


Alright, so I lied, I forgot I had these two pictures already developed, so I scanned them in.

These two photos were taken at the Chacchoben ruins on Costa Maya, Mexico by a lovely Californian girl working there. Of course, I didn't know she was from California at the time, so I was confused how she spoke good Spanish along with an American accent on her English.

I'm back from my trip, I should be able to post pictures online on Weds or so.

Added a link to Brian's website under the "Friends Category".

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