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Fark photoshop contest, Theme: Sci-fi movie gadgets in everyday life

Found the specs for Apex's new game console, the ApeXtreme Game Console. Looks pretty interesting, basically a 1.6 Ghz computer for $400.


Hay Ya! Charlie Brown

Best. Ebay. Item. Ever. eBay item 237479800 (Ends Dec-31-30 00:00:00 PST) - OPS TEST ITEM, DO NOT BID, DO NOT CANCEL (yeah, thats 2030 for the year there). Make sure you click the bid history and read all the ones that were retracted/cancelled. The seller info is pretty funny as well.


Matt gave me this link of what the End of the World would look like. Warning, its got language that might offend some people.

X-box 2:
Three IBM-designed 64-bit microprocessors, the same chips now used Apple Computer's high-end G5 PowerMac. According to the Merc, this will give the new Xbox "more computing power than most personal computers."

A graphics chip designed by ATI Technologies that will clock in with speeds faster than the upcoming R400. The Merc says, "This chip will help the next Xbox to display games with the resolution of high-definition TV."
Awesome, I want one now. You know what I would do with three processors?!?


2004 American President Selector. I think I already showed this link once before, but since its getting closer to election, I thought I'd post it again. This time I was told there was no candidate at 100% of my views, but that 75% was the Socialist Party. Haha.

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Some last of the pics.
The pictures near the end are also from Cozumel.
We took a tour on the all terrain truck in some of the pictures.

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More Cozumel pics, including that crazy car that passed our truck.
The towel animals, in order were a lamb, the swan my dads sitting next to, and thats an elephant I'm sitting next to.

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These are pics of Cozumel and the rock climbing wall on the ship.
That blurry picture of me is in the casino, it had a neat floor with all this gold and skeletons in it.

All the Super Bowl Ads from last night in one place. Including the Clydesdale Donkey one that Shannon liked so much.

Lil' Kim featuring 50 Cent : Magic Stick. The rap lyrics translated into actual English, pretty funny if you've heard the song.

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