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Uh oh...three-headed frogs are beginning to show up. They're usually an early warning for environmental problems, so maybe this means something.

Berkeley made new walker legs and it looks like we're one step closer(no pun intended) to Halo/Starship Troopers(book, not movie) style exoskeletons.


World's Smallest Political Quiz. I am considered a centrist. "Centrists favor selective government intervention and emphasize practical solutions to current problems. They tend to keep an open mind on new issues." Your Personal Self-Government Score is 70%. Your Economic Self-Government Score is 40%.


Dang, someone already thought of the film I wanted to make right here. Of course, this one is satire, but hey.

Watch a woman age 70 yrs in a few seconds. They used 8 keyframe photographs to pull it all off.

First music video shot on a cameraphone. Not too shabby.


Here's a cool Webplayer-Roomba Integration Robot I wouldn't mind having. Kind of like a precursor to R2-D2, which was basically a rolling trash can anyway.


Fire Balls, good flash game to waste time with.

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