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Trumpet playing robot! "Toyota developed artificial lips that move with the same finesse as human lips, which, together with robots' hands, enables the robots to play trumpets like humans do."


Crazy monkey picking on some tiger cubs. This is really funny, pretty smart monkey to get away with it and not get eaten:)

Is that you Spiderman? Some of the stuff this guy does is unbelievable!


Looks like Korea has their own security robot to compete with Japan's. Also found another in Japan called the Wakamaru. It's designed to help out the ill or the elderly: it can be programmed to remind patients to take their medicine and even call a doctor when it appears that someone is in distress.

Hitachi Develops Holographic-like Display. Star Wars anyone?

Cute little terminator looking deathbot, isn't it. Even rights itself if it's on its back.


Someone took it upon themselves to make a very cool, real Master Sword from Legend of Zelda. I wonder if it shoots laser beams.

I need to have a robot dragon security guard. Well, not really, but it'd be a lot of fun and they even have an orange one:)

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