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That three-headed frog I mentioned....might just be three frogs.

Casshern. Awesome looking movie coming out in Japan.


More spidermen antics!

Optical Camouflage. I showed a news link to this awhile back, heres the actual page with videos!


Subsequently, here's the story behind Sharereactor's disappearance.

Backup Site for Sharereactor. Yay, suckers.


The Robot Competition FAQ is a nice long list of robotics competitions around the world, I'd like to enter some of them. The Cleaning Robot Contest sounds like it'd be fun and fairly simple.

Pareidolia. Are there really faces on Mars? Well, that depends, is the horsehead nebula a sign that our equine ancestors are trying to communicate to us:-P Reminds me of the Helix Nebula, or "Eye of God" as some people call it. Never quite understood how people could easily see elephants and clowns in clouds, but not understand that its the same effect for religious things.

Google's Local Search tool is pretty cool. Just type in a zip code or address and see whats around.

Well, "they"(RIAA, MPAA? Not really sure yet) have killed Sharereactor, Jigle, and FileNexus. All of these were webpages that posted links that you click to send to Edonkey2000. They didn't even actually host any of the files. Maybe someone will realize each time they kill off a downloading site, 3 more appear in its place. The internet is just a large, multi-headed hydra. Apparently the fact that we already pay $8 and up to see a movie in the theater isn't enough, although GOOD movies make back far more than they spent just on ticket sales alone. So then the DVD version comes out and if we liked the movie we buy that. But then, whats this, the special edition of the same movie comes out with new features and footage. Some of us may buy that. And then after that, comes the super extended director's cut with even MORE footage and features. So they realease three versions of the same movie, screwing over the early adopters and basically forcing them to go out and buy newer versions if they want all the extra bonus footage and features. You end up spending $8-$16(if you have a date;-) on an original ticket + $15 for the movie on dvd if you get it while its cheap at walmart + $17-19? for a "special" edition + $22-$60??? for a super extended bonus multipack edition. Then theres all the money they make from selling out advertising rights and the rights to video games, toys, candy, clothes, you name it. And yet, somehow they claim to be losing money from downloaders??? I can guarantee you everyone involved in the Lord of the Rings movies hasn't noticed any missing money. Same goes for Spiderman. Same for any decent movie. I'm sure movies like Gigli, rated one of the worst movies of all time on IMDB lost money. But it had nothing to do with downloaders. I regularly go to the movie theater to see films, even ones I'm not all that interested in. A lot of times it isn't because I really want to see the film, its just because its a fun thing to do. It's a time to get out with your friends, sit in air conditioned seats, and watch a GIANT screen. And even there you sit through 15-20 minutes of commercials and previews and propaganda! "Hi, I'm a set designer and I lose money when you download from me." Really? That's odd, I figured since you get paid ahead of time, even if the movie makes zilch and the fact that you're in a union protects you from "losing" money. Also, more often than not, downloading a movie beforehand that is GOOD leads to actually SEEING IT IN THE THEATER! So guess what, the industries claim to be "losing" money to downloaders? Ha. If anything, I claim that we, the consumer, are losing money. (End rant)


I, Robot Trailer Available.
""Marketing Executive: 'Oh come on, Terminator 3 was a great movie. I, Robot was a great book. If we merge the two, we will have something twice as great!'

Public: 'That's what you said about merging Aliens and Beverly Hills Cop. Did Pluto Nash even have a script?'

Marketing Executive: 'Everyone loves the Coz!'

Public: 'You're thinking about Leonard Part 6.'

Marketing Executive: 'Exactly. How did it get to Part 6 if it wasn't great?'

Public: [sigh]"

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