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Canada deems online music swapping legal. Now...if we could have the same in the US...

Look at this great sword controller, for use with Onimusha 3.


Gee, looks like even studies are finding filesharing doesn't hurt cd sales. "'The two distinguished gentlemen Strumpf and Oberholzer-Gee have most likely made RIAA executives choke on their lunches. Those two economists at Harvard and UNC-Chapel Hill have done the research and the math on how much CD sales are actually hurt by P2P sharing. The answer: A whopping one CD per 5,000 files downloaded. Needless to say, RIAA are already trying to discredit the study.' " via Slashdot:

Pencil Carving. I should take this up during class:-D

New Spiderman 2 Trailer. Qualities not real good, but its the only one I saw that was different from the normal one shown in theaters.

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