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When otters attack?

New Spider-Man 2 trailer. This time a real version released by Sony:)


Some crazy new guns being tested. Recommend watching the beef video of what happens with blended metal ammo. Real Player Alternative is here.

Subservient Chicken. I really have no explanation for this whatsoever. I told it to "eat chicken" and so it started to chew on its wings...Telling it to "break dance" results in some sort of moonwalk attempt...hahaha, I like its attempts to "fly". Wow, he'll even do a handstand. This thing is crazy!

Exactly what I was hoping for, for trips. Instead of packing a ton of clothes, the place you are staying, hotel or cruise ship, will have machines that just print out clothes for you to wear, which can then be recycled/disposed of at the end of the trip.


The latest fashion must-have: eyeball jewellery. Ha, more useless fashion things. I keep telling people if they're going to modify their body, it should be usefull somehow.

Skype, a program that allows you to make phone calls to other Skype users over the internet, has finally release a version for pdas, called PocketSkype. So now I installed that and the pc version, if you want to talk, my name is robert1783.

Rarely does anyone weigh facts before deciding what to believe.


Sony Qrio conducts a symphony. :)

There was a security flaw found in Winamp 5. This means you should upgrade now if you're using it.

Penny Arcade Remix. Done by Japanese students learning english. These are pretty funny.


Slashdot | Inexpensive Dashboard PC. Can't wait to install a computer into my car and have mp3s, movies, and gps right at my fingertips.

Robo-Cars Make Cruise Control So Last Century. Exactly what I've been hoping for lately.

Some soccer playing robots that are unbelievable. They can even do hand stands!

Functional Akira Bike Built. It doesn't use electrical engines, but I'd still want it:)

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