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Gigablast. Pretty cool search engine, from what I understand, it was the successor to Infoseek.


The way it should be: Wireless Internet Everywhere. And hopefully someday it'll be free too.

Memory bottleneck limits intelligence: Single spot in brain determines size of visual scratch pad. What does this mean? A spot about the size of a penny, acts like the ram for your brain and its speed can affect the speed of the rest of the brain. So, how about we upgrade it?

4.15.2004 >Amazon has a search engine. Built on top of Google. Kind of interesting, but I think I still like Google's layout better.


Anti-Atkins, High-Carb Diet Tested. Ha, thats been my suggested diet all along:-P also, "The Atkins diet has generally been considered by most medical and nutritional experts to be unsound or even quackery. Opponents of the diet mention that the initial weight loss upon starting on this diet is a phenomenon common with most diets, and is due to reduction in stored glycogen and related water in muscles, not fat loss. They claim that no evidence has surfaced that any diet will cause weight loss unless it reduces calories below the maintenance level. Reports have also indicated that successful weight loss due to the Atkins diet has been the result of fewer kilojoules (calories) being consumed by the dieter, rather than the lack of carbohydrates." Thats found on Wikipedia's listing, here. Another interesting point there, "Another argument is that many countries whose traditional diets are high in carbohydrates and low in fat (for example, Japan) have significantly low rates of obesity. This seems to directly contradict Atkins' claims."

Movie called The Village coming out July 30th. Heres the plot summary: "Set in rural Pennsylvania in 1897, this is the story of the small village of Covington (population 60) surrounded by a woods inhabited by a race of "mythical creatures," and the romance that blossoms between Kitty, the daughter of the town's leader, and Lucius, a young man who questions the policy of keeping Covington's citizens completely confined to the village." Looks pretty interesting.

Google bombing for Good: "If you've ever Googled the word Jew, you may have noticed that an antisemitic hate site, Jew Watch, inexplicably and disturbingly comes up as the top result on what is beyond a doubt the most frequently relied upon search engine in the world. The anti-Semites have been a-Google-bombing. The most effective way to counter the racists is to Google-bomb back. If you have a website, please consider placing the following code on it somewhere: <a href="">Jew</a>, which should look like this on your page: Jew."

Intendum feror cupidine partium magnarum Europae vincendarum. Latin phrases, the easy way. That one means "Sometimes I get this urge to conquer large parts of Europe." :-P

English to Japanese Calligraphy. List of English words written in Japanese.

FDA Approves Human Brain Implant Devices. Hopefully this'll be the road to my cyberbrain implant dreams:)

First robot causality in Iraq.


Here's some crafty pen spinning tricks.

GooOS, the Google Operating System. Sounds like a great idea to me.

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