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You know those bear suits shown every once in awhile on tv? The ones were a guy was attacked by a bear so he made this insane suit that can take any sort of damage? Yeah, they're on sale now. I should have one so I can try throwing myself off cliffs for fun:-P The mobility tests on the video page look like a robot.

What we've been telling our parents for years.Everything we know, we learned from video games.

Its the blob!. Seriously, watch to the end, you'll see what I mean. The stuff starts to act alive. Not only that, heres some kids making fireballs in the chem lab.


Lose a sub? Send in the dolphins!

Anyone need a shoe with built in sensors and a motor that allows it to change its shape? I think I'd rather buy one with a computer built into it that wirlessly interfaces with a display, headset, and keyboard.

Thought I was just making it up when I said the record companies don't pay artists their royalties half the time anyway? I wasn't. Hypocritical RIAA.

Coca Cola's new contest involves some sort of crazy, can shaped phone.

On your marks, get set, search ... When it comes down to Google versus old school methods, WHO WILL WIN!?! :-P


Photoshop Contest: Google in 15 years.

You know you've been watching too much anime when... ...your dreams are in Japanese, even though you hardly know any Japanese, When someone at work walks up to you and you say: Hai!, When you start using "Kuso!!" instead of "Damn!!" purely by reflex...I probably have more on the list too..Here's a slightly longer one.

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