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Breakdancing Transformers.


More video of that bulldozer rampage.

Farm equipment isn't supposed to be used for assaulting a town. Pretty crazy when it is though. Do I hear a request for pics or video?


Apparently the writers for Futurama know a thing or two about math, so heres an analysation of Mathematics in the Year 3000

Unidentified creature stumps experts. I found this pic of a fox that had lost its fur. Unfortunately you can't see the tail, but it looks like thats probably what the animal in the article is. Animals look pretty odd without fur, like this bear. Pic is on the right.

Ultra high resolution television (UHDV) prototype. "Some viewers even experienced nausea because of the ultra realistic visual effect of speed without the usual physical sensation of movement." Wee.

Nokia unveils mid-air messaging. Wave your phone through the air and it'll show messages lit up with leds. Seems like a pretty amusing gimmick to me.

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