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Wow. Words don't even describe what is going on here. These quotes may help explain though: "Wha kind of picture do you want to see? I gladdly accept your reqest and go to shoot it for you sir. Please give me your message. thank you ;-)" and "Ayumi Hamasaki fan site in the world??????????????? Sorry but I am not fan of her, because breast problem. but I hope this links help her fan for having good relation with each other ;-)"


Go here. Click the phone and have Hillary Duff call all your friends and hopefully freak them out.


Japan Hierarchy. I'm definitely on this list, in various places. Thanks to Chee for providing the image.

Political Party Platform Comparison. I recieved most of the points (219) for Green Party, then Democratic about 178, Republican about 129 and Libertarian was 78 I think. This may have been because no one still has my dang robo-socialist government listed:-P


Win every time at the new Spider-man Burger King game. For those of you who don't have spidey sense;)


Finally, a real trailer for Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Looks fun to me.

Disintegrating Rustheap for Sale will Swap for Catfood. Hilarious auction of a Skoda.

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