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The Wheelman. Some sort of two wheeled, motorized skateboard-thing. Definitely looks like it'd be fun to ride.

If you're a guy, click the picture, if you're a girl, click here.


Unofficial Halo 2 Faq. A bunch of things about the upcoming game.

Qrio the robot makes acting debut. They had Sony's Qrio in a cameo part in the show Astro Boy. This was the same robot that can run, jump, dance, throw a ball, etc. Theres some video of Qrio here, be sure to watch episode 3. Quote from the acting article "Japanese actress Miki Maruyama, 16, who plays the part of one of the children in the programme was very impressed with Qrio's acting abilities. 'I couldn't believe it was a robot. It said the lines better than me,' she said." Of course, there was definitely human help involved, but I wonder how long it will be till there won't need to be.

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