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Inventor Makes Car Engine that Runs Off Air.


Swarm robots being developed for use in the nearish future. Sounds like it could be pretty exciting.

Holographic disk should support up to 1 TB of data.


A digital camera taking photos of a demolition was blown up, but the compact flash card survived to tell the tale.

Slashdot has this update on some newer robots. This includes the robot suit mentioned earlier, a tomato harvester, and a robotic fighter.


Japan is working on a pretty cool sounding Robotic Suit.

Theres a new controller from a company called Gametrak coming out for the PS2. It's these two gloves that you wear and are supposed to be able to track movement and position. It looks like it could be pretty cool, assuming it works and assuming you stand far away enough that you don't accidently put a hole through your TV.

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