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Shapeshifting robots. Although, not of the Terminator variety.

Blox Forever. Pretty fun game, only goes to 10 levels though.

Giant robot in Times Square!


Cockroach-Like Robot Will Help To Unlock Mysteries of Animal Moving. Thats one BIG cockroach;)

Spinach May Soon Power Mobile Devices. Very cool, finally a way to combine chloroplasts with electronics.

Animal robots, some pretty neat ones in development, like a robot lobster and the army's robot dog. I still would like to see a dragonfly however, as that would prove fairly useful in surveillance situations.


Cockroach + robot = this


Rapidly approaching once again, it's Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 19!


A company called Transitive Corp is working on a "near-universal emulator that allows software developed for one platform to run on any other, with almost no performance hit." As an example, "Wiederhold said QuickTransit will allow the next-generation Xbox (which will have a Mac-like PowerPC chip) to run first-generation Xbox software (which was written for an Intel chip)." Wee


The 25 Best Futurama Moments Ever.

Brandon's got a page up to detail things going on while he's in Japan. It's called Year in Japan, although I think I like the title "Ore wa Boku" better;)

Hmm, nothing on any of the seismic monitors suggests a nuclear explosion, so maybe it was just a fire.

Google Search: North Korea mushroom. Possibly something quite important? Or maybe just some sort of overhyped forest fire/train crash/ufo crashing?

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