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Slashdot linked up to this liquid that turns solid when heated. This has been done before, but it usually isn't reversible. This is the first time that a liquid can become a solid when heated and then become a liquid again when it cools. I'm sure this could be pretty useful for something, maybe it could absorb impact by turning solid from pressure or heat? Or maybe it'd make a nice heater pack or something for the winter.

BMW Unveils World's Fastest Hydrogen-Powered Car.


This is a huge wave to surf. I just hope that guy is a good swimmer.

A Week in the Life of The Sims 2. It's hilarious what you can do in that game.


Rats' brain waves could find trapped people. Basically, electrodes will be implanted in the rats' brains and they will be trained to find people. When they pick up scents of trapped people, signals output from the reward center of the brain will be received by rescuers. They could also be used to look for explosives. Of course, I'm sure most people would probably freak out if they were trapped and a bunch of rats started crawling around on them.

What would you do with 350 GBAs? I'd definitely make a lot of robots. Or some sort of crazy, totally useless "super"-computer through the link cable.

Flexible Sensors Make Robot Skin. Still only 16 sensors per square cm, while humans are 1,500, but I can see it advancing fairly quickly.

Mechanical Pong is cool.


Photoshop Contest. Pirate versions of everyday objects.


Insaniquarium. Another addicting, mindless game:)


Looks like people at the University of Freiberg made the robosapien autonomous.

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