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Slashdot linked up to this exciting experiment.
"Scientists at the University of Florida made a living 'brain' by extracting 25,000 neurons from a rat's brain and culturing them inside a glass dish. Then, the neurons began to extend lines to each other, creating a living neural network between them. The dish had a grid of 60 electrodes connected to a computer running a flight simulator. The scientists were able to train the 'brain' to control the plane in the simulator and to react to conditions of the plane. Are we getting closer to create an artificially made conscious being, or perhaps, a living computer?"
This is exactly the sort of field I want to start working in.

Build Your Own Flying Lawn Mower. With links to videos!

Here's a nice sampling of some of the inventions at the British Invention Show this year.


RoboNexus First Look. Some pretty cool looking robots there, can't wait till it starts.

Robo Grand Prix at the Singapore Motorshow.

So this is the type of person that buys all those olds books and things my dad is always selling on eBay...


Apparently there's an MP3 player out that can have a 100 GB hard drive, the DMC Store - DMC 500. Unfortunately, it's a little large since it's a laptop hard drive. Not only that, based on my experience with laptop hard drives, I doubt it can take much abuse.

First Halo 2 was leaked, now Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been leaked. This one only a week before it's due out.


Robot Use to Surge Sevenfold by 2007

Donate to Child's Play here and you could win a new computer. Plus you help out little kids for Christmas!

Monster Sunfish washes ashore in New Zealand. With pic of course.


Child's Play 2004. Help donate toys and games to kids in Children's Hospitals across the US. Brought to you by Penny Arcade.

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