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Bush Victory "to Boost Emigration". It only bases it on the number of visitors to Canada's immigration website, but who knows. Kind of amusing either way. Hope they like the cold. Or it could be some people wanting to get married. (Google News for different countries yields interesting results when you're used to just seeing things for the US)

Apparently iRobot, the company making Roombas and Packbots has armed a few of their packbots with shotguns.


I'll need to get myself a nice little wall climbing robot sometime.


This pen is great, it lets you draw something, scan it in, and then wave the pen around to display it with led lights.

Oh those wacky Floridians are at it again, this time they're voting twice.

Cartoon Network has decided to counter the other networks voting coverage by showing the same episode of Harvey Birdman, 20 times in a row.


Scientists have worked out a new way for robots to learn to walk. Basically using chaotic systems that seem to mimic the way animals first learn to walk.

Slashdot has a cool write-up about how Infants Crack the Speech Code. Pretty interesting, hopefully useful in the future of robotics as well.

Best Photos of 2004. I particularly like the one of the squirrel. Also, that dolphin made for great times with Fark photoshopping.

Hackable Home Robot. Must...find add to wish list.

Finally, some scratch proof cds.

This thing is awesome. You open it up, say something into it, close the lid. Next, shake it up a lot and then open the lid again. Finally, the sound comes out distorted based upon how much you shook it, just like in cartoons:) via Gizmodo.


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