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Most Quotable Game in History?

Oh yeah, by the way, those are fried foods being thrown at the main character.

What happens when you cross a dolphin, a fighter jet, and someone crazy enough to actually drive it? This. Via AMCGLTD


Hunter bags llama, could face charges.

I need one of these. All I know is it shoots foam discs at people who walk into rooms. Of course, it'd need some modifications...

How To Destroy The Earth, via AMCGLTD

Finally LED lightbulbs that fit in a regular socket. Now I can replace mine so they don't burn out for 5 years...or, could, $80 is kind of a lot for a lightbulb.


This is what happens when an orc from Warcraft gets lost in Starcraft.

Looks like theres a ton of new nonlethal weapons being developed by the US Air Force.


Mmmmm, corn starch blu-ray discs....

Program Recommending Time!
First up is Picasa. This wonderful little program by Google allows you to organize photos, pictures, backgrounds, etc. It's very impressive, especially since it's free. There's also a handy timeline feature that sorts everything by date and also you to easily jump between albums. It even has a few basic editing functions, like remove red eye. Next up is also from Google. Keyhole is a nifty earthviewer that streams satellite data and maps from the entire world. While some areas only have topography, many have actual satellite views with enough resolution to pick out your own home. It's apparently been used by CNN to display weather. Pretty fun to try. It does have the limitations of being a 7 day trial program though, it costs $29.95 after that. Next up is Firefox. I finally got around to trying it and I must say I like what I see so far. It's a well rounded web browser, with tabs and a built in pop-up blocker. Especially amusing are the themes and extensions you can get for it. I have a nice weather extension and a "Homeland Security Threat Level" extension, so I know if I need my umbrella or my bulletproof vest, respectively:-P Also, via Jake, give MirandaIM a shot if you would like a multi-protocol, small footprint, super customizable IM program.

Flying taxis are being predicted to be used by 2010. It'd be nice, since it'd make Back to the Future II that much closer to reality, but they've been predicting this sort of thing for years now.

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