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This is what an ASCII music video looks like, via AMCGLTD.

Apparently this is a cellphone. Crazy Czechs.


Is Evil Dead being remade?

Awesome little shape shifting robot here.

First there was the Spork. Now, I bring you the Knork . Which is something even I had thought of before, although I wasn't sure how to keep it from cutting people's mouths.


DIY High-Quality XGA Projector for ~$300. This would be great for those Halo 2 sessions when we wish we had another TV.

Via Slashdot, "According to an article on Wired, the Senate may soon pass a bill labeled HR2391, a bill which lumps many other copyright bills. If passed the bill would 'would criminally punish a person who 'infringes a copyright by ... offering for distribution to the public by electronic means, with reckless disregard of the risk of further infringement.'' In addition the bill would 'permit people to use technology to skip objectionable content -- like a gory or sexually explicit scene -- in films, a right that consumers already have. However, under the proposed law, skipping any commercials or promotional announcements would be prohibited.' The bill would also punish people 'who bring a video camera into a movie theater to make a copy of the film for distribution' with up to three years imprisonment and fines. If any of this worries you please contact your Senators and Representatives and voice your concern." I really hope this is just one of those rumors made to scare people, but unfortunately, it sounds legit. Clearly, making laws to turn more people into criminals to protect the "rights" of giant corporations is in the people's interests, right?

Who didn't want Saving Private Ryan aired on Veteran's Day? Oh that's right, it was these people.


Looks like someone may have found an unused character in Halo 2. It's pretty ugly either way. Apparently he had to somehow mod the game to get it to show up. With Video!

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